first_img Des Moines, Iowa – The Drake University women’s tennis team closed out its home schedule with a convincing 5-2 win over Valparaiso Saturday afternoon at the Roger Knapp Tennis Center. Drake 5, Valparaiso 24/13/2019 at Des Moines, Iowa (Roger Knapp Tennis Center)Singles competition1. Liza Petushkova (DU) def. Czerwonka, Claire (VALPO) 6-2, 6-12. Carmen Palumbo (DU) def. Modesto, Meg (VALPO) 6-0, 6-13. Daria Walczak (DU) def. Sysouvanh, Dao (VALPO) 6-4, 6-04. Sophia Haleas (DU) def. Schoolcraft, I. (VALPO) 6-3, 6-45. Wind, Randi (VALPO) def. Kenya Williams (DU), by forfeit6. Kopfer, Jordan (VALPO) def. No player (DU), by forfeit at Bradley 4/20/2019 – 11 A.M. The win improves the Bulldogs to 2-1 in the Missouri Valley Conference heading into the final week of league play. The Bulldogs close the regular season next weekend with matches at Bradley and Illinois State. Match NotesValparaiso 3-14 (0-3)Drake 8-13 (2-1)Order of finish: Doubles (1,2); Singles (5,6,2,1,3,4) The Bulldogs easily won the doubles point with a 6-1 win at No. 1 doubles and a 6-2 victory at No. 2 doubles. Doubles competition1. Daria Walczak/Carmen Palumbo (DU) def. Czerwonka, Claire/Sysouvanh, Dao (VALPO) 6-12. Liza Petushkova/Kenya Williams (DU) def. Modesto, Meg/Schoolcraft, I. (VALPO) 6-23. Kopfer, Jordan/Wind, Randi (VALPO) def. Sophia Haleas/No player (DU), by forfeit Next Game:center_img Full Schedule Roster The team also ran through the singles lineup with straight-set wins at Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 singles. Daria Walczak’s 6-4, 6-0 win at No. 3 singles was the clinching match for the Bulldogs after Carmen Palumbo and Liza Petushkova opened singles play by winning their matches. Box Score (HTML) Story Links Drake won every match contested with the Crusaders’ two lone points coming via forfeits.  Print Friendly Version Previewlast_img read more

first_imgArtifacts dating from the First Temple period have been found in trenches illegally dug by Muslims on the Temple Mount: for the story, see the Jerusalem Post, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Bible Places.  Dr. Leen Ritmeyer has diagrams of where the artifacts relate to the Temple position in his Ritmeyer Blog.    The First Temple was built by Solomon (see I Kings 5-8).  After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 BC, the Jews returning from exile built a Second Temple (Ezra 3-8).  This temple was elaborately enlarged by Herod the Great into the magnificent Temple of Jesus’ day (Matthew 24).  That temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.  Portions of the Herodian walls from the Temple Mount remain to this day, including the Western Wall, a sacred site for the Jews.  The Muslims, however, deny the existence of a Jewish temple on the summit.  The Dome of the Rock now sits over the site.    The Temple Mount has been off limits to archaeologists and is under control of Muslim police.  Muslims have been performing unauthorized and reckless trench-digging with a bulldozer, forbidding archaeologists to examine the trenches.  A fortuitous by-product of the illegal digging is that it allowed artifacts from under the present level to be seen for the first time in thousands of years.  Although the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) did nothing to stop the reckless trenching, they verified that some of the artifacts date from the First Temple period.The only bright side of this atrocity is providing proof of the Biblical claims of the First Temple.  Muslims show no concern for the sensibilities of other religions but react with violence if any non-Muslim approaches their sacred sites.  In recent years, they dug into the southeast corner of the Temple Mount into soil richly laden with artifacts, to build an underground mosque.  Their level of carefulness and concern was to pile the debris into mounds and toss tons of it over the wall.  Dedicated archaeologists have found bits of precious artifacts among the dirt (10/31/2006, 04/17/2005).    Who knows what additional treasures lie under the Temple Mount?  Archaeologists reveal amazing things at the periphery, but these are only tantalizing glimpses of artifacts that millions of people would rejoice to see, were it not for the bullying and threats of the “religion of peace” to wage global jihad if they dare to look.  Where is the U.N. in this blatant example of disrespect for priceless relics from antiquity?  Oh, they’re too busy helping the dictators of the world and outlawing righteousness.  What’s unfathomable is why the Israeli government and the IAA have been so silent and appeasing.    Christians and Jews believe that a Third Temple will someday arise on the Temple Mount.  Some orthodox Jews even have the plans and preparations underway.  Given the volatility of the politics of Jerusalem, one would think this might trigger a kind of apocalypse.(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_img(Visited 408 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Secularists put too much hope on some aspects of Earth-like exoplanets, but sometimes reality keeps their imaginations in check.Titanic blunder: One of the most extreme cases of astrobiological folly in recent memory is the public presentation of Titan as a more habitable place for humans than Mars. and Fox News Science, fully aware that it’s -290°F at the surface of this large moon of Saturn, joined in this imagination fest, lured by the thought of free energy. Cassini scientist Amanda Hendrix and co-author Yuk Yang look at all the free oil and wind power down there, as if that’s all that matters. No food, no oxygen, and a billion miles of space travel are minor matters to these speculators who will never have to be held accountable for their ideas, since they will be long gone by the time humans leap the technological hurdles to even get there, let alone be able to land without freezing solid instantly. Besides those challenges, future settlers had better not bring or manufacture oxygen, otherwise with all the hydrocarbons present in the atmosphere, the settlement will go kablooey first time someone lights a match.Artwork for one of Cassini’s 127 Titan encountersBlunders like this come from focusing on one aspect of habitability to the exclusion of others. Titan orbits within Saturn’s magnetosphere 95% of the time, where it is exposed to high-energy charged particles. Lacking a magnetic field of its own, it is exposed to the deadly solar wind the other 5% of the time. Furthermore, Titan’s atmosphere is poisoned with acetylene, benzene and other toxins. It has smog, obscuring any view of the stars from the surface. And it is so deadly cold, any life form not continuously heated would die instantly. The ice on Titan is so cold, in fact, it behaves like solid rock. The only places for boat recreation are lakes of liquid methane and ethane. Titan does not seem like a fun place for humans to go, even with all that free oil. The occasional speculations about microbes on Titan seem highly unrealistic. If evolutionists cannot figure out how microbes came into being on an ideal planet like Earth, how can they imagine it happening on a world where all the water is locked up in ice?TRAPPIST Entrapment: A few weeks ago, the news media hyped the TRAPPIST-1 star as a place to look for life. Its seven planets, three within the ‘habitable zone’ where liquid water might exist, excited the imaginations of astrobiologists leaking their hopeful dreams to the press. Now, there’s bad news. Mike Wall reports on, “The potentially Earth-like planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system may not be so conducive to life after all, two new studies report.” The onslaught of flares and outbursts from the parent star likely destroyed the atmospheres of all these planets, if they have or had them. Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb says with humorous understatement, “This would hurt the chances of life forming or persisting.” The blessings we enjoy on Earth stand out in this excerpt:But it gets worse. Because the TRAPPIST-1 system is so tightly packed, the star’s magnetic field has likely connected with those of the planets, allowing stellar-wind particles to flow directly onto the worlds’ atmospheres, the researchers found. This has probably caused atmospheric degradation, and the worlds may even have lost their air entirely.“The Earth’s magnetic field acts like a shield against the potentially damaging effects of the solar wind,” study leader Cecilia Garraffo of the CfA said in the same statement. “If Earth were much closer to the sun and subjected to the onslaught of particles like the TRAPPIST-1 star delivers, our planetary shield would fail pretty quickly.”The type of star matters to habitability, emphasizes. Having studied the destructive power of red dwarf stars, known for their flaring behavior, one co-author cautioned, “our work and the work of our colleagues shows we should also target as many stars as possible that are more like the Sun.”The shooting gallery: A paper in PLoS One examines the biological effects of exposure to space outside the Earth’s protective shield. It begins, “During interplanetary flights in the near future, a human organism will be exposed to prolonged periods of a hypomagnetic field that is 10,000 times weaker than that of Earth’s.” The authors are primarily interested in the source of the magnetic sense in humans and animals, but they acknowledge that “Nonspecific magnetoreception could be of fundamental importance in terms of health risks caused by a chronic EM exposure of humans and biosphere.”This would hurt the chances of life forming or persisting.No fans for popular stars: Another article on indicates that “cool stars favoured by exoplanet hunters” are unlikely to be habitable, even though more abundant than solar-type stars. Because an exoplanet’s habitable zone would be closer into a cool star, it would be exposed to coronal mass ejections (CMEs) at closer range. NASA Goddard scientists evaluated one such star (V374 Pegasi) and thought about conditions on a planet in the habitable zone, even if the planet had a magnetic shield:When a CME impacts a planet, it compresses the planet’s magnetosphere, a protective magnetic bubble shielding the planet. Extreme CMEs can exert enough pressure to shrink a magnetosphere so much that it exposes a planet’s atmosphere, which can then be swept away from the planet. This could in turn leave the planetary surface and any potential developing lifeforms exposed to harmful X-rays from the nearby host star….“While these cool stars may be the most abundant, and seem to offer the best prospects for finding life elsewhere, we find that they can be a lot more dangerous to live around due to their CMEs” said Marc Kornbleuth, a graduate student involved in the project.The results suggest that an exoplanet would need a magnetic field ten to several thousand times that of Earth’s to shield their atmosphere from the cool star’s CMEs. As many as five impacts a day could occur for planets near the ACS [Astrospherical Current Sheet], but the rate decreases to one every other day for planets with an inclined orbit.Law of mass action: What if Earth were 50% bigger? Live Science says it would preclude our space program. It already takes 80-90% of the mass of a rocket just for propellant to launch humans into space. At some point, as the mass of a planet grows, it reaches a point of diminishing returns, making escape impossible. Astronaut Donald Pettit used the Tsiolkovsky Rocket Equation to figure out that limit. If earth were 50% more massive, he says, space travel with current rocket technology would be impossible. He didn’t figure what effects the greater mass would have on life, including human life, which would be correspondingly weighed down by excess gravity. If you feel sluggish now, think of carrying that extra weight! This would put a damper on the Olympics.Good news, bad news: Two guys, Batista and Sloan, worked out at the University of Oxford. At The Conversation, they say, “We worked out what it would take to wipe out all life on a planet – and it’s good news for alien hunters.” The good news is that tardigrades (tiny but hardy animals) would probably survive extinction-level events, such as asteroid impacts, supernovae and gamma-ray bursts. The bad news is that humans and sentient beings probably would not. So unless one believes tardigrades are capable of radio astronomy, SETI should not be aiming telescopes at exoplanets that have been hit recently. There’s a lesson for habitability, too: planets subject to frequent bombardment by such terrors probably should not be considered habitable, even if all the other factors are present.What is nature? A product of design or chance? Photo by David CoppedgeDo you get the impression that Earth might be so unique, so special, that it might be designed? (see 7/10/17). Why is that not a scientific conclusion? Must we force all observations into a materialistic, purposeless worldview? Our scientist of the month didn’t think so.last_img read more

first_imgBeloved star of film and television Joe Mafela died on 18 March 2017, following a road accident in Johannesburg. He was 75.Joe Mafela, South African star of television, film and theatre, died on 18 March 2017. He was best known as S’dumo in the popular 1980s sitcom Sgudi ‘Snaysi. (Image: Facebook)CD AndersonWell known for his roles in the classic South African sitcoms Sgudi ‘Snaysi and Going Up, beloved South African star Joe Mafela was also a multitalented producer, singer, dancer and entertainment business pioneer.Mafela was born in Sibasa, Limpopo in 1942 and grew up in Kliptown, Johannesburg. He started his acting career at 22, in the film Real News. He later joined the film company SA Films as actor and producer, where he helped to conceive small-budget films for the black South African market, in most of which he also acted.During the late 1960s and early 1970s, he also managed a variety of popular multidisciplinary dance and music troupes, including groups such as Mzumba and the Gold Reef Dancers, which performed around the world.He acted in one of the first South African films to feature an all-black cast, Udeliwe, in 1974, as well as in a number of international productions filmed in South Africa, including Shout at the Devil, co-starring Hollywood legends Lee Marvin and Roger Moore, and Red Scorpion, with action star Dolph Lundgren.It was with the arrival of television in South African in 1976 that Mafela’s talents began to reach a wider audience. He acted in several series, while also conceiving and producing local language television shows, first as part of SA Films and later with the Penguin Films production company he co-founded with writer-producer Roberta Durrant.The company produced the popular 1986 sitcom Sgudi ‘Snaysi, in which Mafela played S’dumo, a rascally schemer who, over the course of the show’s 78 episodes, become a beloved cultural hero, thanks to Mafela’s talent for balancing over-the-top physical comedy with a realistic portrayal of township life.At the same time, Mafela moved into the advertising industry as creative director for a number of burgeoning black-owned creative agencies. He transplanted the Sgudi ‘Snaysi premise and his S’dumo character to great effect into a series of popular television commercials for a well-known fast food chicken outlet.Thanks to the popularity of Sgudi ‘Snaysi, Mafela and Penguin Films produced many of the country’s most popular television shows of the past 30 years.During the early days of post-apartheid South Africa in the 1990s, he produced and acted in the pioneering popular sitcom Going Up, alongside South African theatre legend Rex Garner. The series successfully communicated the New South African experience with biting humour and frank pathos on race relations.Mafela and Penguin Films also brought beloved South African comic strip Madam and Eve to the screen in 2000.During the 1990s, Mafela also recorded a number of isiZulu music albums. They included the local hit Shebeleza (Okongo Mame) that was later used as the anthem for the 1996 African Cup of Nations football tournament held in South Africa.While beloved as a South African comedy actor, Mafela proved he could tackle more serious issues, most notably in the film Retribution in 2011. The dark, compelling drama took a raw look at the effects of apartheid on South Africa.Mafela continued to produce, direct and act in television, film and theatre during his final years, including a role in the television drama Generations.He received a host of industry lifetime achievement awards, including a Comics’ Choice Award, a Duku Duku black entertainment award and a Naledi theatre award.Mafela is survived by his wife, four children and six grandchildren.Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa tweeted the country’s condolences, saying: “We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn about the news of the passing of legendary…ubaba Joe Mafela.”Friend and collaborator Durrant spoke at length to SABC News after Mafela’s death about his life and work, and of his unlimited passion and talent in developing the South Africa cultural landscape.Watch the full interview belowFans and friends alike paid tribute to the South African entertainment legend on social media.#joemafela Tweets #RIPJoeMafela Tweets Source: News24, Wikipedia, Huffington PostWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

first_imgSonia Chanu (left) with the silver medal, Sandhya Rani (right) with the bronze and Augustina Nwaokolo with the gold in the women’s 48kg weighlifting event on Monday.Hosts India opened their medal account in Commonwealth Games weightlifting competition when Soniya Chanu bagged a silver medal and Sandhya Rani Devi clinched a bronze in the women’s 48 kg class at the Jawaharlal Nehru sports complex today.Later in the evening, in the men’s 56kg competition, Sukhen Dey clinched the silver while the bronze was bagged by Srinivas Rao. The gold medal was won by Malaysia.Dey’s total lift was 252 kg while Rao’s was 248. It took India’s tally of medals to four on the first day. The host nation is aiming to finish second behind Australia, who’ve already claimed four gold and two silver medals today.Chanu cleared 167 kg to stand second in the event behind Nigerian woman Augustina Nwaokolo who hoised 175 kg to win the contest. She also created a new Games record. Sandya Rani took the bronze with a total clearance of 165 kg.Chanu and Nwaokolo were tied with the same clearance of 94 kg in the snatch competition but the latter, who weighed marginally less than the Indian woman, settled the issue in the clean and jerk category by clearing 8 kgs more.India’s Srinivasa Rao clinches the bronze for the 56kg weighlifting category on Monday. Chanu, coach dissatisfied with performance Chanu said she was disappointed about not winning the gold medal.”I am sad I could not win the gold medal,” said Chanu, who had to settle for a silver medal. She said pressure had nothing to do with her below-expectation performance.advertisementCoach Harnam Singh wasn’t too pleased.”I am not at all happy as we were sure to win a gold medal. I want to say sorry to all Indians for our performance,” Singh said.The coach blamed the slip-ups of his weightlifters on “coordination issues” but said the country could still hope for two gold medals.”We expect 10-12 weightlifting medals of which two should be gold,” Singh said.Tennis makes debut, India off to a good startIndia put up a dominant show on the debut day of tennis at the Commonwealth Games as all three singles players recorded easy wins and star pair of Leander Paes and Sania Mirza also began their quest for gold by storming into the quarterfinals of the mixed doubles.Leander Paes and Sania Mirza accept cheers after beating St Lucia in the first round mixed doubles game. Top seeds Leander and Sania rounded of the day for India in splendid fashion as they trampled the poor St Lucia combination of Stacey Nykita Roheman and Alberton Richelieu 6-1 6-0 in just 39 minutes.Before that Rohan Bopanna, Rushmi Chakravarthi and Poojashree Venkatesh scored dominant victories in the singles against their weak opponents.The only blot on India’s otherwise perfect day was 3-6 6-3 3-6 defeat of Bopanna and Nirupama Sanjeev against the top seeded Australian pair of Paul Hanley and Anastasia Rodionova in the mixed doubles first round.Bopanna had opened India’s account with an effortless 6-1, 6-4 win over Uganda’s Rober Buyinza in the first round of the men’s singles while Chakravarthi demolished Lesotho’s Pinki Agnes Montlha 6-0, 6-1 in the women’singles.Young Poojashree Venkatesh booked a second round berth with a 6-0 6-0 annihilation of Lesotho’s Nthabiseng Eunicia Nqosa in just 40 minutes.Badminton: India trounce Kenya 5-0 Saina Nehwal beat Kenya’s Joseph Mercy Mwethya 21-11 21-4. Ace shuttlers Chetan Anand and Saina Nehwal led from the front as India took less than an hour to inflict a humiliating 5-0 defeat on Kenya in a lopsided match of the preliminary stage of Group D in the badminton mixed team event of the Commonwealth Games at Siri Fort here today.Chetan started the proceedings for India, streamrolling Victor Odera Munga 21-7 21-13 in 14 minutes in men’s singles, while Saina then swelled the lead to 2-0 with a thumping win over Joseph Mercy Mwethya 21-11 21-4 in the women’s singles in just 11 minutes.Indian men’s doubles pair of Rupesh Kumar and Sanave Thomas then zoomed past Victor Munga and Patrik Kibet 21-5 21-5 to hand the home team an easy win over the African outfit in 12 minutes.Women’s hockey: India held to a draw by ScotlandReigning silver medalist India had to split points after being held to a 1-1 draw by a lowly Scotland in their opening Pool A match of the women’s hockey event at the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium here today.advertisementThe Indians fought back from a 0-1 deficit through Jasjeet Kaur Handa (45th minute) after Scotland took the lead in the third minute from a Holly Gram field goal.Jasjeet Kaur Handa scores in the 45th minute. The Indian eves had a mixed day in office, displaying contrasting hockey in both halves. While the home team looked out of sorts in the opening period, they dominated proceedings after the breather.India looked clueless in the first half, sparkling only in patches, while the Scots were by far the better side on display as they combined well to put pressure on the opponent’s defence on numerous occasions.In front of a sparse crowd that gathered at the stadium here, India conceded a goal early in the opening half, and from there on, played the catch-up game in the rest of the half.Archery: India dominate Day 1The wind changed its course at the Yamuna Sports Complex in the eastern fringes of the capital, but that did not break India’s rhythm as the recurve archers adjusted to the condition to dominate the ranking round on the opening day of their event.However, the ride wasn’t so smooth for the compound archers as they had to fight it out against some of the best.Rahul Banerjee and Jayanta Talukdar occupied the top two positions after returning scores of 679 points and 676 after two rounds of 36 arrows over a distance of 70m.Cadet world champion Deepika Kumari pipped two-time Olympian and 2007 World Finals champion Dola Banerjee for the top spot in the women’s recurve.”Today, the wind direction was opposite (than in previous days). From the last few days, it was from left to right but today, it was from right to left. But we did well to adjust, I am really happy with the show,” Indian chief coach Limba Ram told PTI.Teen sensation Deepika, fresh from her World Cup final stint in Edinburgh, was in her elements as she scored 662 points. Veteran Dola shot 658, while Naomi Anne Folkard of England was third with 642.”I am feeling really good, its only the ranking round hopefully we will do well in the championship round as well,” Deepika told reporters.Indian archers pose before Monday’s competition.Indian swimmers’ best ever effort not good enoughIndian swimmers made a maiden entry into a final in the Commonwealth Games before ending up sixth on a day when the formidable Australia clinched three of the five gold medals on offer today.Double Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington of England had to settle for a bronze as the Aussies made merry with three gold and two silver medals at the Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Aquatics Complex.South Africa clinched a gold bronze apiece while Canada bagged one gold and two silver as three new Games records were set. England picked up two silver and one bronze while Wales scopped up and Scotland got a bronzeEarlier, riding on a fine effort by India’s biggest hope Virdhawal Khade, the Indian 4x100m freestyle relay team advanced to the final.advertisementThe Indian quartet of Khade, Anshul Kothari, Arjun Jayaprakash and Aaron D’Souza clocked 3:28.06s in the heats to qualify for the final with a sixth place finish.In the final, Khade swam a brilliant 49.87 in the final lap to help India clock 3:27.14 and better their qualifying timing.But poor support from the other three members, Arjun Jayaprakash (52.99), Anshul Kothari (52.64) and Aaron D’Souza (51.64), forced India to settle for an identical sixth place in the final.The strong Australian quartet of Kyle Richardson, Eaamon Sullivan, Tommaso D’Orsogna and James Magnussen bagged the gold with a meet record of 3:13.92. England (3:15.05) got the silver and South Africa (3:15.21) the bronze.Injuries hit Indian gymnastic squadInjured Indian gymnast Rohit Jaiswal being taken away on a stretcher after a mishap during the Artistic Gymnastics event of the Commonwealth Games at IG Stadium on Monday. Plagued by injury to two of their players, India finished sixth, even as Australia swelled their medal tally with a gold in the men’s artistic gymnastics at Indira Gandhi Stadium here today.Australia won the gold with 259.050 points in the men’s artistic team subdivision two competition on the Vault, while England, who led into the final rotation, finished with the silver medal with 256.750 points.Canada bagged the bronze with 248.500 points.Australia became the third country to win the men’s team event in gymnastics artistic.Canada (four times) and England (twice) were the only two CGAs to win this event in the history of the Games.The Australia men’s team that won the artistic gymnastics event on Monday. All 21 medals in this event have been now divided between Australia, Canada and England.Indian coach Vladimir Chertkov however appeared optimistic despite their sixth place finish.”This is not the end — we look forward. I have seen tremendous improvement in the performance of the team. We have (already) qualified for the (2010) World Championships. The main challenge for our team is landing. So we focus a lot on that.”last_img read more

first_imgApart from being the spokesmodel for the beauty brand Estee Lauder for more than a decade and appearing on the cover of British Vogue magazine thrice, it is still the stories of the men in actress-model Elizabeth Hurley’s life that grab the headlines.From being the girlfriend of the then superstar Hugh Grant at the beginning of her career to her wedding to Indian textile heir Arun Nayar and finally her presence at the recent IPL game in support of current love interest Shane Warne, she is turning eyes once again.Spotted with the cricketer’s son on Tuesday in the stands of M. Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore, it was a sight enough to cool off rumours about their split.Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne’s personal life has always been the subject of scandals and controversies, just like Hurley’s.The cricketer, known for his flirtatious nature, had said his relationship with Hurley was a short-lived one. But her recent appearance at the match indicates otherwise.While it a well-known fact that opposites attract, it does not seem to apply on this couple. Expressing her excitement about being present to support her beau, Hurley has been actively tweeting her experiences on the social networking website Twitter with the last one being, “Pouring with rain in India? Some mistake, surely.”As much as we are left curious about what ‘mistake’ the actress is talking about, we can only hope for someone who has been in the news for her scandalous relationships as much as for her bumpy career, she has found her Mr Right, finally.advertisementlast_img read more

Things That Caught My EyePrepare to feel old and super unaccomplishedRedmond “Red” Gerard won the first U.S. medal of Pyeongchang, taking a gold in the men’s slopestyle snowboarding competition. Gerard is the youngest — only 17 years old — male American to take a Winter Olympics gold medal since 1928. [NPR]Team Canada crushed OARThe Canadian women’s hockey team shut out the Olympic Athletes from Russia 5-0, thanks to Ann-Renee Desbiens making 18 saves over the course of the game. Canada is a juggernaut in women’s hockey, as this is its 21st straight win in Olympic competition. [CBC]Try out our interactive, Which World Cup Team Should You Root For?He probably shouldn’t have said thatSemen Elistratov is one of the 169 athletes who are from Russia and competing under the Olympic banner rather than their country’s as part of Russia’s penalties incurred for operating a massive top-to-bottom doping operation. He’s also the first Olympic athlete from Russia to medal, taking a bronze in the 1500m short-track speed skating competition and used his time in the limelight to dedicate the medal to Russians banned from the game in “a hard and unfair way,” which normally would be standard nationalist jock talk but in this case spurred an investigation given the rules Olympic athletes have about making political statements. [BBC]Try out our brand new super fun quiz, Which Winter Olympic Sport Is Best For You? I got ski jumping! 1-2-3Congratulations to Norway, which led by Simen Hegstad Kruger took the gold, silver and bronze medal in the 15km + 15km cross country skiathlon event. Kruger was stuck in a collision early on and fell to last place out of 68 but mounted a comeback for the ages to finish first. [BBC]North and South play togetherNorth Korea and South Korea teamed up to play women’s hockey together, a fascinating diplomatic overture. The team fell to the Swiss 0-8 on Saturday, but the stunning display of unity is a potential opportunity for cross-border collaboration. The two countries have been technically at war since a 1953 armistice but proved no effort for the Bronze medalists of Sochi. [Reuters]Reverse sweep!In a decisive playoff series, the London Spitfire defeated the upstart Houston Outlaws and then the powerhouse New York Excelsior in a 3-2 reverse sweep to win the first Overwatch League round one playoff series and the $100,000 that comes with. [Kotaku]Leaks from Slack: micah:can I ask a non-sports fan dumb question: Is John McDaniels turning down that head coaching job basically proof that Belichick is gonna step aside soon?neil:If I had to bet, I would bet there is some kind of succession plan in place – not sure when, but McDaniels basically torpedoed his head coaching chances anywhere else by screwing the Colts at the last secondkyle:yeah doesn’t have to be soon, but that was heavily implied by the salary cap stuffPredictions NBA All newsletters Oh, and don’t forgetNice. We’re launching a sports newsletter. 🏆  Join the squad. Subscribe See more NBA predictions read more