first_imgStay on target iFixit Breaks Down What Killed Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging MatApple’s Durable HomePod Makes Home Repairs Impossible Sony has traditionally released “slim” versions of its consoles, but it’s going a step further this time. In addition to releasing a slim version of the PlayStation 4, there’s now a PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is anything but slim, but it’s much, much more powerful than the other variants. Want to find out what’s inside? iFixit is here to do what it does best — destroy gadgets in a highly methodical fashion.The PS4 Pro is slightly larger in all dimensions that the original PS4, but it has a very similar design. The PS4 Pro is essentially a small form factor PC. There’s even a hard drive caddy that’s easily accessible. That’s the first thing iFixit took out. The case is sealed with a number of torx screws. The power supply is on one side, and flipping the console over provides access to the main board. The PSU is upgraded in this version of the console to provide more power to the faster hardware.The motherboard is rather large in the PS4 Pro, taking up almost the entire footprint. Right in the middle is the SoC with AMD Jaguar CPU cores and a Radeon GPU. The clock speed of this chip has been boosted — it allows for enhanced graphics and VR optimization. There’s a mid-frame with heatpipe assembly hiding the fan and optical drive. All those parts are held in with multiple screws, but at least there’s no glue like you see in smartphones.With all the pieces out, it becomes apparent how PC-like the PS4 Pro really is. If you know your way around a computer’s innards, you can probably figure out disassembling a PS4 Pro. There are plenty warranty voiding stickers to take off, but the hardware isn’t that hard to repair. You can also swap out the hard drive without voiding the warranty. iFixit gave it an 8 out of 10 overall.last_img read more