first_img Activities in the fieldMedia independenceEvents Activities in the fieldMedia independenceEvents News May 18, 2021 Launched on May 18, the JTI online platform represents new dawn for media integrity, transparency and sustainability RSF_en center_img Organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launches new web offer designed to identify and reward trustworthy news sources;Media outlets can use the online app to check, disclose and promote compliance of their editorial processes with best practices;The initiative represents a radical and innovative step forward in the battle against disinformation.International non-governmental organisation Reporters Without Borders (RSF) announces today the public launch of its Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI), a game-changing transparency tool designed to promote trustworthy journalism. At the core of the JTI is the self-assessment of media outlets to diagnose, optimize and promote the accuracy of their journalism, with the aim of building a healthier news ecosystem, identifying and rewarding reliable reporting and restoring audiences’ confidence in journalism at large.The JTI is built on a list of criteria that was developed by RSF in collaboration with over 130 organisations and individuals representing the media industry, academia, regulatory and self-regulatory bodies, tech companies and the media development sector. It was originally published by the European Committee for Standardization and is now available as an interactive web application online.The JTI offer consists of three stages; first the media outlet is invited to complete a self-assessment via the JTI online app, which involves an internal check of conformity with the JTI Standard. Next, the results of this self-assessment may be voluntarily disclosed to the public and published by the media outlet as a Transparency Report. The final stage of the process is an external audit involving an independent evaluation by a licensed Certification Body. The media outlet will be certified and awarded a JTI Mark following the successful completion of all three stages.“In the current information chaos, falsehoods, propaganda and hate speech have a competitive advantage over journalism”, said Christophe Deloire, Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders. “This has negative consequences for both the public, as it limits its capacity to make fact-based decisions, and for the sustainability of journalism. If we want to get out of this downward spiral, we have to reverse the logic by incentivizing journalism through a trusted third-party mechanism. JTI is a game changing initiative as it turns compliance with professional norms into a tangible asset, and eventually a contribution to the sustainability of journalism.”The antidote to disinformationThe development of the JTI is a direct response to the viral spread of disinformation in recent years. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2020, as many as 74% of internet users say they are concerned about disinformation on social media, while 64% turn to the news media for reliable information. As a result, demonstrating the trustworthiness of their work cannot only remedy users’ concerns, but also drive reach and revenues of news media. The JTI now provides them with a one-of-its-kind online tool to achieve this and, in addition, to get independently audited based on their self-assessment to obtain a ‘JTI Mark’ – the symbol of conformity with the JTI Standard.“The trust problem facing journalism and media organisations is so big that any initiative that flags proper newsroom processes and helps to put a distance between professional newsrooms and purveyors of junk news is welcomed” adds Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. “Whether news organisations elect a light option of self-assessment of editorial processes, using the JTI web app, or opt for full audited certification, the move to explicit standards will help identify newsrooms with trustworthy processes.”Empowering news organisations, reassuring audiencesFighting disinformation and detoxing the information space requires audiences, but also businesses, such as marketers and distributors, to be able to differentiate between high-quality, reputable sources and questionable information. The JTI delivers this distinction in a transparent, normative and machine-readable way, so that users can immediately tell whether an outlet is trustworthy. For media outlets, this represents an opportunity to demonstrate professional leadership and an opportunity to capitalise on it.Today’s launch of the JTI web application was preceded by a pilot phase in which a diverse range of nearly 50 media outlets have participated to thoroughly test the instrument, including CBC/Radio-Canada, France Télévisions, SWI (SRG-SSR), the Schibsted Group, Tiempo Argentino, DER SPIEGEL, Colorado Public Radio, Economedia in Bulgaria and The Wire in India.Noel Curran, Director General, EBU, said “Public trust in news is vital, yet the rise of harmful disinformation means it is in danger of being permanently undermined. The EBU has been a strong supporter of the JTI from the start, with several of our Members involved in the standard-setting process to promote accuracy and signal to audiences those news sources that they can rely on. That these standards are now being made available to media organizations worldwide will create a strong counter-balance in a world overwhelmed with fake news.”From now on, every Media Outlet can join by visiting the JTI online tool, which is initially available in English, French and Spanish, and create a profile for self-assessment.Interested professionals in the media industries can learn more about the three-stage process of the JTI by attending a webinar on 7 June 2021. It will offer an introduction to the tool and feature a peer-to-peer panel comprised of representatives from media outlets that were involved in the pilot phase, sharing their first-hand experiences of the initiative.Co-funded by the European Commission and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the Journalism Trust Initiative delivers a large-scale, inter-disciplinary move towards improving professionalism and transparency in our common information and communication space.For any media enquiries or registration for the webinar, please contact: Sabina Drastikova, [email protected] +41767304121 Help by sharing this informationlast_img read more

first_imgLast night, the singer-songwriter Norah Jones hit the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri, for her Day Breaks World Tour. While Jones and her band have been regularly working the Grateful Dead’s “It Must Have Been The Roses” into their performances, during their Tuesday night performance, Jones and crew added another Grateful Dead classic into the mix with their performance of “Ripple” during the start of the encore, marking the second time the singer has played the song. For their performance of “Ripple,” Jones is front and center on the guitar and vocals, while accompanied by bass, keys, guitar, and drum.Phil Lesh, Jim James, Gary Clark Jr., And More To Play Monterey International Pop Festival 50th AnniversaryThe cover is not completely out of character for Jones; at Outside Lands in 2012, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir came out and joined the singer for a collaborative rendition of “It Must Have Been The Roses.” As explained in an 2012 article by Rolling Stone, guitarist Jason Abraham Roberts, “Everybody in Norah’s band are just huge Deadheads. . . . We’ve actually been playing ‘It Must Have Been the Roses’ almost every night, because we were like, ‘We have to play a Dead song.’” Both “Ripple” and “It Must Have Been The Roses” are Grateful Dead tunes written by lyricist Robert Hunter.You can watch a video of Norah Jones’s rendition of “Ripple” below, courtesy of Jason Briggs.last_img read more

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error It isn’t just the manager. Two Dodgers players have written online essays since the season began, Brandon McCarthy for and A.J. Ellis for the Players’ Tribune. Each of them wrote about the same thing: Playing with Kershaw and Greinke.The numbers the two pitchers have compiled this season, and the praise garnered wherever they pitch, tell the same story: 2015 marks a historic convergence of two of the best at their craft.“They’re probably – well not probably,” Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez said. “They are the best left-handed and right-handed pitcher in the game right now.”MomentsThe author David Foster Wallace once used the phrase “Federer moments” to describe Roger Federer’s awe-inducing strokes on a tennis court. There are certainly Greinke Moments and Kershaw Moments too, and opposing hitters recognize them right away. One of the essential tasks of a major league manager is to come up with different things to say about the same phenomena. Every team navigates 162 games in 182 days with mostly the same players on the field, and mostly the same reporters generating questions, and only two possible outcomes at stake in each game. Win or lose, the manager must talk.At some point this year, Don Mattingly gave up. He’d run out of superlatives to describe Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, to the point where the Dodgers manager now freely admits this before dutifully rattling off a few things that make each pitcher special when he’s asked. Mattingly is asked about Kershaw and Greinke a lot.It happened again last week. Mattingly decided to remove Kershaw five innings into his most recent start, Thursday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers were trailing 3-0 at the time. Kershaw didn’t have his best stuff but he fought to stay in the game, yelling at Mattingly in the dugout to no avail.The next day, Mattingly was asked about the incident. His response was familiar: “Clayton’s awesome. Clayton’s the last of my worries.”center_img Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia has two hits in 13 plate appearances against Greinke in his career. He’s also struck out five times.“At our place he threw me a 3-1 changeup,” Saltalamacchia recalled, shaking his head. “Not many guys throw me a 3-1 changeup. Then he backs me up with another one and I roll over on it.”Several hitters, including Saltalamacchia, described Greinke as “thinking along with” him at the plate. One was Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado, whose 41 home runs and 126 runs batted in are among the most in baseball. Arenado has five hits in 24 career at-bats against Greinke, a .208 average.“I feel he knows exactly what I’m thinking,” Arenado said of Greinke. “I’m thinking a certain part of the plate, he throws the opposite. I’m looking for a certain pitch, he throws the opposite.”Greinke Moments are usually subtle, a byproduct of extensive homework, guile and precision with five different pitches. Kershaw Moments are more obvious. Kershaw has the only no-hitter between the two, which he threw against the Rockies in June 2014. Kershaw has mastered the skill of snagging ground balls on his backhand, with his body turned away from home plate. His windup is deliberate and exaggerated, with a pronounced leg kick that effectively disrupts a hitter’s timing. With a fastball that touches 96 mph and a slider that’s actually gotten faster — it regularly exceeds 90 mph now – Kershaw fits the definition of a power pitcher. Eighty-two percent of his pitches this season have been a fastball or slider; the other 18 percent are almost entirely curveballs.“He’s been that since the get-go,” Arizona Diamondbacks infielder Aaron Hill said. “He’s got that mid-90s heater. He throws it where he wants to. He’s been doing that five, six, seven years. It’s rare to find a guy who comes up in the first couple years and is effective with his heater.”Kershaw’s 281 strikeouts are the most since another power-armed lefty, Randy Johnson, struck out 290 in 2004.Like Greinke, who could blow away hitters with a 99-mph fastball early in his career, Kershaw’s approach is becoming more sophisticated. That’s particularly true for his curveball.“Early in his career,” Ellis said, “it was ‘I’m going to throw a curveball and whatever happens, happens.’ He’s going to throw a good one, but there was no difference between his 1-1 curveball and his 1-2 curveball. Whereas now I’ll call for a 1-1 curveball and he’ll throw it a little bit higher, maybe the bottom of the strike zone, the guy will take it for a strike or put a bad swing on it. With two strikes, he definitely wants a swing-and-miss on it. He’ll throw it a little bit lower. “He’s gotten to another level because of that ability.”NumbersAnd yet, it’s Greinke who has taken his results to another level this season. His 1.65 earned-run average is 56 percent better than the league average. Only four pitchers have outperformed the league average more in a single season since the end of World War II. Even Greinke’s 2009 season, when he was chucking 99-mph heaters en route to his first and only Cy Young Award, falls short of his 2015 season by this measure.Greinke also leads the major leagues in winning percentage (18-3, .857) and WHIP (0.848). Traditional pitching statistics, the backbone of Cy Young Award voting since the award was invented, all present a strong case for Greinke.Kershaw is the reigning National League MVP and Cy Young Award winner. Asked recently about this year’s Cy race, Kershaw said, “I don’t think Zack has too much to worry about.”To Gonzalez’s point, maybe they are the best lefty and righty in baseball. Advanced statistics like FIP and xFIP, which attempt to eliminate the impact the defense has on a pitcher, rate Kershaw has the best pitcher in baseball this year, right or left-handed. So does FanGraphs’ version of Wins Above Replacement.Kershaw and Greinke have compiled the highest combined WAR of any two teammates (13.4) this season. By this measure, the two aren’t merely chasing the great duos in Dodger history. They’re entering the echelon of Johnson and Curt Schilling, whose combined WAR in 2002 (17.5) and 2001 (16.9) for the Arizona Diamondbacks rank number first and second, respectively, over the last 60 years.ParallelsBob Brenly managed Johnson and Schilling from 2001-03, when both pitchers were at the peak of their powers. They led the Diamondbacks to their only championship in 2001, sharing the World Series MVP award.“We wanted to get those two guys on the mound as often as we could,” Brenly said. “Until the division was clinched and you could maybe space out their workload, we ran ‘em out there on a regular schedule. Both guys were slaves to their routine. They wanted to pitch on four days of rest in between and didn’t like to change that.”The similarities between the two tandems outweigh the differences. Johnson threw left-handed, Schilling right. Johnson had the power pitcher’s repertoire, while Schilling relied more on his ability to out-smart hitters to compensate for a lack of velocity.“The one thing that made the tandem more effective was the competition between the two of them,” Brenly said. “Randy, at that stage of his career, had earned a certain status in the game. Curt was on his way to doing that but wasn’t quite at the same level as far as reputation in the game. I think sometimes that rubbed Randy the wrong way. I think sometimes that pushed Curt to be even better, because the two of them wanted to be on equal ground and neither guy wanted the other to be on equal ground. “It was a great situation for us.”So it is for the Dodgers today.Writing for, McCarthy recalled a moment in spring training when Greinke threw particularly well on a back field at Camelback Ranch. “If I throw like that this year,” Greinke told McCarthy that day, “Kersh better watch out.” McCarthy said that, among teammates, neither Greinke nor Kershaw has verbally expressed a desire to one-up the other since then. Occasionally a reporter will ask the pitchers if a friendly competition exists, but neither has been willing to admit it so far.“I would assume there’s a competitive aspect whether or not it’s ever vocalized,” McCarthy said.Maybe what Kershaw and Greinke are doing, then, isn’t purely independent of one another.Kershaw is 27 and Greinke 31, an age when each should be close to his physical prime. It’s easy to compare Kershaw to a young Greinke and plot his evolution on a similar path, but you never know. Greinke is widely expected to opt out of his contract at the end of the season, so the window for the two men to nudge each other forward from adjoining lockers might close.Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, a perennial MVP candidate in his own right, said this competitive edge is what separates Kershaw and Greinke the most.“They have good command, they know how to pitch, but they’re able to take it to another level with how they compete out there,” Goldschmidt said. “Not that anyone ever wants to lose or give up a hit, but those guys kind of take it to the next level.”last_img read more

first_imgBack in the starting line-up at Leicester City, Coutinho showed his class by teeing up Mohamed Salah for Liverpool’s opener before curling in a sublime free-kick that set his side up for a 3-2 win.More performances like this and his transfer saga will soon be a distant memory.Lukaku has given Man United a new dimensionBy the admission of manager Jose Mourinho, Manchester United were not at their fluid best in their 1-0 win at Southampton.It was the sort of game United would not have won last season, when their league-high 15 draws contributed to a disappointing sixth-place finish.Another three points and another clean sheet. Job done!— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 23, 2017But new striker Romelu Lukaku gives them greater cutting edge and his 20th-minute goal settled the game, the Belgium striker finishing at the second attempt after Saints goalkeeper Fraser Forster parried his header.United have made their best start to a season since 2011-12 and Lukaku is only the second player (after Louis Saha) to have scored six goals in his first six games for the club in the Premier League era.Spurs must iron out Aurier’s rough edgesSerge Aurier’s full Premier League debut for Tottenham Hotspur showcased the best and worst of the controversial Ivory Coast international.He got forward well and helped to tee up Christian Eriksen for what proved to be the decisive goal in a 3-2 success at London rivals West Ham [email protected] – the highest scoring Danish player in @premierleague history. ? ?? #COYS— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) September 23, 2017But the Paris Saint-Germain old boy was frequently caught out of position and was sent off with 20 minutes remaining after being shown a second yellow card for needlessly scything down Andy Carroll.Tottenham led 3-1 at that stage and had it not been for Aurier, they would have seen the game out much more comfortably.Share on: WhatsApp The Argentina striker has now scored 176 goals for City and needs just two more to surpass Eric Brook as the club’s all-time leading scorer.Morata showed Chelsea can thrive without CostaWhen Antonio Conte signed Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid in the close season, some critics suggested the Spain striker would not be an adequate replacement for Diego Costa given the unique physical demands of the Premier League. Chelsea players celebrate after thrashing stock cityLondon, United Kingdom | AFP | The Manchester clubs kept control of the title race, Alvaro Morata scored his first Chelsea hat-trick and Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho began to redeem himself for angling to join Barcelona.Here are five things we learned in the Premier League this weekend:Aguero remains a central figure for Man CityThe writing appeared to be on the wall for Sergio Aguero at Manchester City last season when Gabriel Jesus’s arrival in January saw him lose his place in the side.But an injury to Jesus brought Aguero back into the team and his performances convinced manager Pep Guardiola to begin this season with both players in his starting XI.When Guardiola switched to a one-striker configuration against Crystal Palace, it was Jesus who made way and he was not missed as Aguero struck in a 5-0 rout that left City top of the table.center_img Whereas Costa is all snarling aggression and muscular power, Morata relies more on movement and subtle technique to outwit defenders.But the 24-year-old has made a quick transition to the English game and bagged his first Chelsea hat-trick in Saturday’s 4-0 rout of Stoke City to take his tally for the club to six goals.In the week that Chelsea finally agreed a deal to allow Costa to return to Atletico Madrid, Morata showed the champions can move on with minimum fuss.Coutinho has started his redemption tourLess than a month ago, Philippe Coutinho was in danger of becoming Public Enemy Number One at Anfield as the Liverpool playmaker tried to force through a move to Barcelona.When Liverpool refused to sell him, he was left in a potentially awkward situation.But manager Jurgen Klopp has handled the situation deftly, treating Coutinho respectfully without giving in to his demands.last_img read more