first_imgThe Week in Words “I am impressed that you have been more persistent and pushy than the Daily Mail or the Sun.” Matthew Scott – escaped hostage and Trinity fresher, to Cherwell “We have not yet found stocks of weapons” The Iraq Survey Group “Iraq Nukes: Blair was right” The Sun’s headline following the release of the Iraq Survey Group Report “There’s a rule in drama that if you set something up, you have to pay it off.” The executive producer of Eastenders explains the return of Dirty Den. But wasn’t the set-up for him to, er, be dead? “Jesus was a magician and so am I” David Blaine “I wish I’d bought a land-to-Perspex box missile with me now” A latter-day disciple. “I’m very pro-women, I’m very much into equality. Those things are not coming out.” Arnold Schwarzenegger “The first time, you’re like, “Oh my God! I was groped by Arnold Schwarzenegger!” – the second time it’s disgusting!” One of his ‘victims’ “We are going to win the next election, I promise you.” Iain Duncan Smith “We must show the government that it is not cost-effective to screw us over.” Jo Read CUSU Officer discussing top-up fees “Conservatives: thnx 4 ur text.” Tory reply to anti-fees text messaging. Now that they’re so down with the kids, it must be true. “Do not, under any circumstances, try this at home.” Derren BrownARCHIVE: 0th Week MT2003last_img read more