first_imgBeloved Pennsylvania bluegrass band Cabinet has announced some exciting lineup additions for their 2016 festival, Susquehanna Breakdown. Previously announced were headliners Railroad Earth at the top, with performances from The Infamous Stringdusters, Twiddle, Fruition, and, of course, Cabinet. New to the mix are The Larry Keel Experience, Driftwood, Cornmeal, Swift Technique, and Flux Capacitor.The Scranton natives also announced that they will be performing a very special set with flatpicking guitar champion Larry Keel, as Cabinet & Keel. Additionally, there’s also a Pappy & Friends set, championed by Cabinet’s banjoist Pappy Biondo, which looks to be a ton of fun!Held from May 20-21 at Montage Mountain, PA (the site of Peach Festival and this year’s Camp Bisco), Susquehanna Breakdown is nothing short of a great time. This year should be the biggest yet, as all of the performers listed are some of the best in the business. Check out the full lineup below:Additional information can be located on the festival’s website.Enter To Win Tickets:last_img read more

first_imgPhish is like a carnival for adults, where the guy wearing a unicorn onesie is no less of a man than the one wearing the goldfish suit. It’s a no judgment zone, where the unspoken agreement is to understand one another on a ground level by accepting our similar passions and love for this band from Vermont. In a camping situation like The Gorge, fans are happily forced to live side-by-side for two, even three days, and make friends with strangers. With a full weekend spent together and bathing in the entertainment of “Lot Life,” you’re bound to overhear some of the best conversations and one-liners that could never be heard anywhere else.These Gorgeous Photos Capture The Majesty Of Phish At The Gorge [A Gallery]We started the “Funniest Things Overheard” series last summer at the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary shows, and continued the note-taking at Magnaball and Lockn’ last summer. In the spirit of “Summer Tour 2016,” we did our best to collect some of the best things we overheard at Phish’s three-day weekend at SPAC, and did the same for this weekend’s Gorge run.So, without further ado, we present to you the best things we heard at The Gorge this weekend. To give you the full story, we will be updating this article with comments provided by “PHISH TOUR 2014” and our Facebook’s comment section; because we’re all in this together, and we love to have a laugh!  “The first night was like really intense sex, the second night was the hug and cuddle we all needed afterwards.”“I’m not going to spend fucking Bloomingdale’s prices on fucking capes …”“We stopped at a rest stop and my buddy accidentally flushed the keys down the toilet. We got towed here.”“Dude, hippies love Didgeridoos because it’s the closest thing to giving a tree a blowjob.”“If we go a little further down shakedown there’s a Pokestop.”“Let’s go make some Gorge babies and name him George with a silent e”“Mom, does ‘bury the meatstick’ mean what I think it means?”“Thanks slow llama” (in the vein of Thanks Obama)“I’m so confused whether to bag and tag wooks or to catch Pokemon.”“My eyes look only look pretty in Chris Kuroda’s lights.”“If you got a beard that big you better be able to at least change a tire”“How am I supposed to move my body while when my mind is getting fucked this hard?!”“These are non- addictive cigarettes!” “You mean… Non additive?”“What’s the use of this stash? It’s to feel crosseyed and painless in no man’s land…”“Why don’t my parents understand the thrills we get watching a guy in a dress play music on a vacuum cleaner?”During vaccum solo, fan to usher: “He’s playing a vacuum right now”  / Usher: “a vacuum?” / Fan: “yeah, it’s sucking on his face to make that sound” / Usher: “hmm..”  / Fan: “yeah, it’s a 1962 Electrolux vintage vacuum. I forget the model number, but he’s really into vintage vacuum cleaners.” / Usher: :::says nothing::: / Fan: “Anyway, he always wears the dress at every show. Well, It’s really more of a muumuu. Not the same dress. I think this is the 4th or 5th one since the early 90’s. I’m Facebook friends with his former seamstress. He wore a Bernie Sanders one early this summer and..” / Usher: “Sir, can you return to your seats. You can’t stand here” / Fan: “it’s a 1956 Electrolux, not a 62!”“Cats rule everything around me.”“I didn’t lose anything…except my mind.”“Buy art, it lasts longer than nitrous.”“I’ll trade you this meat stick for some doses.”“He proposed and she said yes?” “Yeap, probably because he went to JRAD…”“The Gorge makes Red Rocks look like pebbles…” “No man, I think you’ve just lost your marbles…”“I AM his petting zoo!”Fan to friend: “Let’s do it. How much?” / Friend: “$350. I have like no money left.” / Fan: “I got it.” “yeah, I got it.” / Friend: “Dude, those are all 1’s & 5’s with like 3 $20’s mixed in.” / Fan: “Fuck, I thought I was ballin still” / Friend: “Yeah, always remember it’s always 1’s & 5’s on the last night of Phish run” / Fan: “My checking account is -$240 overdrawn right now too. I got my check book with me though.” / Friend: “I don’t think dudes with neck tattoos accept personal out of state checks.”“I feel like wooks are just children of really bad hippie parents from the 60’s.”From a first-timer: “So this is what you guys do? There is this in life? I just want to bring my whole family here so they can see all of this…. All of them, all of you…”“Don’t poop, or you’ll stop tripping.”“All I did was try to gank a tank off a golf cart and they fucking surrounded me like I was Saddam Hussein.”“Nobody goes to Jack in the Box. You WIND UP at Jack in the Box. Same goes for Denny’s. You don’t choose to go to Denny’s. You just wind up at Denny’s.” – Old guy on way out hearing I wanted to go to Jack in the Box after the show.Girl on phone: “How can you not see me! I’m next to the guy with pins on his hat!”“That was weird, but the grilled cheese wasn’t….that was decent”“What do all of these skulls with lightning bolts mean?” “Told him it was a Harry Potter reference.”“What do I do with my mustard hand?”“We’ve got more drugs than T-shirts!”“Maybe if I take this broom, keep sweeping, and only pretend to know the words ‘No, I clean…’ (in an accent) I could stay at the Gorge until Dead & Company next week.”“Let’s not go putting unnecessary limits on things…”Guy that eventually found out his leg was broken during set break of Night 1: “My friends were like ‘dude you need to go to the hospital’ and I’m like ‘what I need is the 2nd set’ but yeah my leg is broken”“I like the cut of your jib and the hang of your scroat.”Inaudible argument over music played way too loud at night: “Don’t be mad because we have better drugs than you!”“I don’t think I can ever attend another Phish show again, for as long as I live, without at least one bag of tortillas.” (There seemed to be a tortilla war on the lawn during the first set each night)Do you think they handed out tortillas at the door? Did we miss them?Friend one: (pours Jameson and orange juice into a cup) / Friend two: What is that? Are you making a mimosa?” / Friend one: “uh, this is Jameson. So it’s a jimosa.”Phish: “Lucy took a walk now Lucy’s dead” / Guy in sparkle hat: “She was asking for it…”“Culinary grade grilled cheese to go with your culinary grade nitrous.”“When will they turn that light off?!” / “Dude… it’s the moon.”“I wear my dreads on the inside.”“You gotta go to the men’s bathrooms at Phish shows… they have the best quotes…”last_img read more

first_imgQueen is one of the best bands to ever walk the earth. Their unique mixture of progressive rock and pop music, the guitar mastery of Brian May, and, of course, the undeniable energy and talent of front man Freddie Mercury, made Queen into arguably the best touring rock band on the planet in the early 80s. Playing to huge crowds around the world, there was no bigger band than Queen. Of course, things quickly took a turn for the worse, as Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS, and the band were forced to stop performing. Mercury ended up dying from the disease, and fans around the world continue to mourn the loss of one of rock music’s truest icons.In 1986, however, the band were still flying high, and they brought their huge summer tour to a close with a remarkable 120,000+ person concert at London’s famed Cricket stadium Knebworth Park. Queen were at the peak of their powers, and the energy they show throughout the performance proved their greatness.Opening with “One Vision”, the band hit the stage and never looked back, turning in high energy performances of “Tie Your Mother Down” and “Tear It Up” before busting out some of their mega-hits in Under Pressure” and “Another One Bites The Dust”. In between hits, the band worked in a few improv moments, with Mercury performing a vocal jam early in the show, with the full band taking three minutes to let loose later in the show. Classic Queen songs “I Want To Break Free” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” made the set, and of course no Queen show would be complete without the multi-part classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”.The band brought things to a close with an epic double encore. Up first, Queen played a lone encore of “Radio Ga Ga”, before returning to the stage one last time to deliver a quartet of songs classic songs. Starting with “We Will Rock You”, the band then performed “Friends Will Be Friends”, followed by a triumphant “We Are The Champions”. They then walked off to their traditional “God Save The Queen” outro, as that band’s rabid fans unknowingly said goodbye for the last time.See below for a full video from the performance (courtesy of YouTube user TheBEATLESMania100n2), and check out the full setlist below. Queen was legendary, and Freddie Mercury was truly unique, and it’s still amazing to watch him perform all these years later. Enjoy the show! Edit this setlist | More Queen setlistslast_img read more

first_imgIn early December, progressive-indie favorites Moon Taxi will begin a two-night stand at Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO. The shows will be pretty special, as they’ll be joined each night by Joey Porter’s Shady Business, a supergroup that features some of the most exciting musicians in the scene. Porter, who is the keyboardist in The Motet, will be joined by Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic, Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman of the Trey Anastasio Band, Garrett Sayers from The Motet, and Sput from Snarky Puppy.The shows will take place on December 2nd and 3rd. Early Bird tickets have already sold out, but you can still get a two-day pass for $35, before prices jump to $40 on the day of show. Save some money and buy tickets in advance at this link. With such an incredible lineup on deck, this is sure to be a can’t-miss weekend of music in Denver.last_img read more

first_imgPBS is set to premiere a new series called “Soundbreaking” tonight, focusing on the art and science of recording music, as well as its evolution throughout the 1900’s and 2000’s. The show will cover many areas of the recording process, but perhaps the one that piqued our interest the most was Episode 8. That one will highlight the Grateful Dead and famed audio engineer Betty Cantor-Jackson, according to a post from drummer Mickey Hart.Hart writes, “Looking forward to the Soundbreaking premiere tonight, a new doc series that celebrates the art and science of music recording. Tune in to PBS tonight at 10/9C. Make sure to watch Episode 8 for an intimate look behind the scenes of the Grateful Dead with Betty Cantor-Jackson.” He also shared a trailer for the series, which you can watch below.It’s understandable that a series focusing on music recording would examine the Grateful Dead, who had a once-unique relationship with audio tapers eager to preserve live recordings. Unlike any other band at the time, the Dead encouraged tapers to trade their music, ultimately spawning a grassroots following like nothing before. It’s no surprise that so many bands in the scene have since adopted a similar policy, encouraging the sharing of music between fans.We’re looking forward to getting a closer look at the Grateful Dead’s recording process on this exciting new show!last_img read more

first_imgTedeschi Trucks Band brought their Sunshine Music Festival to a close last night, playing a guest-filled set for the second night of the event in Boca Raton, FL. The band welcomed out a number of familiar guests for the show, including artists like Luther Dickinson and Dave Mason, but the real surprise was an appearance from Dead & Company bassist, Oteil Burbridge.Burbridge and Trucks worked together for many years as members of The Allman Brothers Band, as Burbridge joined the band in 1997 and Trucks in 1999. Trucks has remained vocal about not wanting to rejoin the Allmans should a reunion occur, a fact that was only reinforced by the decision for the two Allman Brothers musicians to not perform an Allman Brothers song together. Instead, they jammed out on “Space Captain,” the famed Joe Cocker tune that implores us all to learn to live together!Of course, Burbridge’s brother Kofi Burbridge is also a member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, also adding to the family feeling of Oteil’s presence on stage. Oteil himself was even a member of the TTB in its earliest iteration, but ultimately left in 2012 to focus on raising a family of his own.Thanks to our own Kendall Deflin, we can share a video of this one-off collaboration. Watch Tedeschi Trucks’ take on “Space Captain” with Oteil Burbridge, below.Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage from the exciting Sunshine Music Festival later today. You can see TTB’s full setlist, below.Setlist: Tedeschi Trucks Band | Sunshine Music Festival | Boca Raton, FL | 1/15/17Set: Anyhow, Don’t Know What > Keep On Growing, Within You Without You > Just As Strange, Crying Over You, Let’s Go Get Stoned, Feelin’ Alright*, Leavin’ Trunk^, Volunteered Slavery^, I Wish I Knew, I Pity The Fool, I Want More > Soul SacrificeEncore: A Song For You, Delta Lady, Space Captain%, With A Little Help From My Friends* = w/ Dave Mason^ = w/ Luther Dickinson% = w/ Oteil Burbridgelast_img read more

first_imgCarlos Santana will perform a night at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on July 10, 2017. The 10-time Grammy Award-winner has an expansive tour schedule, dating all the way out through November of this year, with over 25 performances at the House of Blues at Mandala Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. So the intimate-with-nature surrounding of Morrison, Colorado will truly be something special.Don’t miss the legendary, Latin American rock music of Santana. Tickets go on sale Friday, January 20 at 10AM MST right here.Carlos Santana recently reunited with his classic Santana lineup of Gregg Rolie (keys/lead vocals), Neal Schon (guitar/vocals), and Michael Carabello (percussion) back on March 21st of 2016 at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Soon after, the 1971 lineup shared a new album Santana IV that combined all their signature elements in 16 spellbinding tracks. Check them out below:last_img read more

first_imgKarl Denson and his Tiny Universe took Jam Cruise 15 by storm, with the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist and his all-star ensemble putting on quite the show for fans on day two of the cruise this year. Jam Cruise and TourGigs have just released pro-shot footage from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe’s performance aboard the boat on January 21st with this stellar video of the group taking on Don Gardner’s classic tune, “My Baby Likes To Boogaloo.” Denson led the charge, energizing the crowd from the get-go with this upbeat number. You can watch the video of the KDTU performance below. If that’s not enough to get your fix, you can also check out our recap of Jam Cruise’s post-cruise celebration that’s chock full of videos from Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and The Motet’s joint party. You can check out more information about Jam Cruise 16, which will be pulling out of harbor on January 17th, 2018, and headed for Roatan, Honduras and Grand Cayman Island here.last_img read more

first_imgLast night, the singer-songwriter Norah Jones hit the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri, for her Day Breaks World Tour. While Jones and her band have been regularly working the Grateful Dead’s “It Must Have Been The Roses” into their performances, during their Tuesday night performance, Jones and crew added another Grateful Dead classic into the mix with their performance of “Ripple” during the start of the encore, marking the second time the singer has played the song. For their performance of “Ripple,” Jones is front and center on the guitar and vocals, while accompanied by bass, keys, guitar, and drum.Phil Lesh, Jim James, Gary Clark Jr., And More To Play Monterey International Pop Festival 50th AnniversaryThe cover is not completely out of character for Jones; at Outside Lands in 2012, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir came out and joined the singer for a collaborative rendition of “It Must Have Been The Roses.” As explained in an 2012 article by Rolling Stone, guitarist Jason Abraham Roberts, “Everybody in Norah’s band are just huge Deadheads. . . . We’ve actually been playing ‘It Must Have Been the Roses’ almost every night, because we were like, ‘We have to play a Dead song.’” Both “Ripple” and “It Must Have Been The Roses” are Grateful Dead tunes written by lyricist Robert Hunter.You can watch a video of Norah Jones’s rendition of “Ripple” below, courtesy of Jason Briggs.last_img read more

first_imgJust now, The Disco Biscuits announced a two-night run in Washington, D.C., to get 2018 in the full swing of things. As detailed in a Facebook post, following their highly anticipated New Year’s Eve run in New York City, the Biscuits will hit the 9:30 Club on Friday, January 12th and D.C.’s newest premier music venue, The Anthem, the following night on Saturday, January 13th. For support, the gritty progressive jammers of TAUK will be supporting the Biscuits for their Saturday performance at The Anthem, while the 9:30 Club show has been billed as an “Evening with the Biscuits”.Disco Biscuits Cover ‘Stranger Things’ Theme, Debut Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” [Full Pro-Shot Show]Similar to their New Year’s Eve run, the Disco Biscuits will again be using their new fan club ticketing request system, with the request period for their upcoming Washington D.C. dates open now through Wednesday, November 8th. As an incentive to buy early, tickets for the Friday date at the 9:30 Club will only be available with the purchase of a two-day pass.You can check out the full post details below, and request tickets before the end of the day on Wednesday here. There is no better way to launch into a hot 2018 than by breaking in the mid-Atlantic’s new premier music venue, The Anthem, in Washington, D.C.That’s right, The Disco Biscuits are wasting no time getting back to business in 2018. We head straight back to work at one of our favorite venues in the country, the 9:30 Club, on January 12th! And then we move on over to the Anthem on the 13th to check out the room that is being lauded as one of the best music venues the east coast has ever seen.As with our New Years Run fan club presale, you’ll have a window to request tickets – the request period is now open, and will run through Wednesday. Get on it here: The only way into the 9:30 Club is with a 2-day pass.The idea behind the Anthem was to build a venue that could hold as many people as a small arena or a convention center, but one that was designed with music in mind from the very start. The venue owners state: “our goal is to make it the best music venue in the world of its size.” From all initial accounts, they have achieved their goal!Here at Biscuits HQ, there’s nothing we love more than checking out brand new, state of the art music venues…and then making them home!We will be joined by one of the most interesting and talented young Jambands on the scene, TAUK, for the Anthem show. The 9:30 Club will be an evening with the Biscuits.Let’s be honest folks…we’ve got a lot of work to do over the next few months. With Denver, Holidaze, and NYC all on the immediate horizon, and with D.C. less than two weeks after New Years, we are coming into the nation’s capital like a freight train barreling down the tracks, most likely in flames.We will see you there.[Photo: Dave Vann]last_img read more