first_imgThe 32-team competition started with 24 Central teams and eight City teams will end today with the top eight to battle it in the finals.Sixteen teams are now currently vying for the top eight placings to play for the Cup as the SSG Roosters are still topping the tournament ladder with points followed by Wagah Hotts, Gabutu Dragons, FH Laumas, V Tribes, Wasa Koboki, Rovanama, Bara Dugongs, Poreporena Marlins and North Dingoes.The top eight will advance in to play for the cup while the losers will play for the plate and consolation awards.last_img read more

first_imgInjuries. “We always seek to focus on the players we have. We are confident that the work of the children of the subsidiary will continue to help us until we recover the children who are outside.” Saul. “You have to miss a penalty because you kick it and there is a penalty final. We talk to him about what is coming and what we have to improve. As with any of the players who are on the squad.”Improvement. “The phrase another lost final does not sound comfortable to me because we won three and lost three. And of the three we lost we did it on penalties. It leaves me that from November the team began to grow and we continue on that line. LaLiga is back a totally different tournament. “Valverde. “I am nobody to comment on what is happening to another family inside his house. Valverde is a great coach, he leaves his team first and qualified for the Champions League. That is what I see. He has driven in a place where he does not It’s easy to be, because it’s a very powerful club. It’s always been managed with education and that’s important. Morata and the offside. “There are players who live with their characteristics. I remember Inzaghi who lived on the edge. Then there was no VAR and as he played in Juventus there were always more favorable than unfavorable situations. Now with the Var that situation is evident. Eibar plays with the high line, hopefully Alvaro has the lucidity of deciding the game. “Vrsaljko. “He is training better than a month ago when he arrived. He is closer to being able to help us: Whatever it is to add, we appreciate it.”Sanction to Valverde. “I already said that it was what I had to do. But I already said what was going to happen and today I wear out on things we already know, I don’t waste time.” Situation in LaLiga. “We are in the middle of the season, there is a lot ahead and to improve, we focus that from November onwards it worked well. The league is very long and there is no parameter to talk about the reality of the moment. Eibar has always cost us very much In their field, with high and strong pressure, they coexist better with their game.João Felix. “The Super Cup has been another step of experience for a 20-year-old boy with fantastic conditions. All this road he begins to do will serve the future. We absolutely believe in him. He has a game we need, he has a goal … I hope that in his new stage in a new club he will be able to strengthen himself and grow day by day. I assume all the responsibility like any player of Atlético. We have to take care of finding his best version and exploiting his characteristics. He is 20 years old, he has to be happy, he plays at Atlético we are waiting for you to lend us an important hand in the second round“.Saponjic. “I repeated what he has to do a few weeks ago and I have nothing to comment here in the Press.”last_img read more

first_imgOccasions: “The action of Vitolo, João, Saul’s head comes to mind, I don’t know if another one from Thomas … We had several. We couldn’t mark and it is clear that the responsibility is absolutely mine.”Do you feel strong to continue? “I have not changed the penalties in the Champions League, the lengthening in the Champions League, when we were out in the round of 16 and it will not change me now. I have an important squad and surely the results will accompany us shortly.” Diego Pablo Simeone appeared before the media after the elimination in the Cup against Cultural Leonesa and analyzed the tough defeat of Atlético.Cup Elimination: “We were left out of a competition that is very beautiful because it does not allow you to stumble. Obviously it remains to improve. Congratulate the opponent and we, look inside.”Is it the most complicated moment since he came to Atlético? “There were always complicated moments in all seasons. Sometimes for being out of the Champions League, sometimes again for losing two finals … and this opportunity. After such a long time it is normal for it to happen. Unfortunately it should not happen. We seek to change , refresh the attack … We had goal situations, but we couldn’t specify them. The opponent deserved the victory. “last_img read more

first_imgAguirre is not a man of whispers. Unlike. Speak loudly and, of course, of course. Cristialino “In the first part the game is thrown. Exactly so. If I say it here it is because I also told the boys inside. We give away the first part in a childlike way. It does not seem that we fight for the descent. (… ) When a team gives 45 minutes in First division, most likely you will lose. A team that plays to follow in First cannot give away, no longer 45 minutes … but only two minutes. And we give them away. In the first part it looked like a preseason game, “he said visibly angry in the press room of the City of Valencia. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 10, 2020 The worst in the epiloguesYes, lately the Leganés suffers in the beginning, but it turns out that its true pending subject is the one that points to the final stretch of the matches. To the epilogues. Until the dispute of this last day, the Blue and Whites were the team that has lost the most points in the last 30 minutes of their matches: Eight points stopped winning due to so many rivals from 60 to 90 minutes.Statistics are provided by the specialized site @StatsPrimera, which points out that, in a fictitious classification of matches at 60 minutes, Leganés would be 11th with 26 points. A guarismo that would grow if the matches were only played until the break. If so, Leganés would be 10th with 28 points. It is there, after the resumption, when most suffered a Leganés who has seen how he conceded 20 goals in the second parts of their matches for only eight scored.The mixture of both factors (lazy beginnings, bad endings) explains to some extent the irregularity of a Leganés who, when competing, generates expectations that dissolve at the ends of his matches. It is difficult for pickers to start and finish their matches. Enjoying a competitive routine for 90 minutes is another of the pending tasks from here to the end of the course.center_img The Leganés lost last Saturday to Levente fruit of two too early gorings. Rochina (20 ‘) struck at the start. Roger, shortly after (28 ‘). The first two prickly pimples ended in deadly cucumber injury: 2-0 home. It is not the first time it happens. Before him Getafe The stir was more serious because it happened at home and finished with three goals against it in 31 minutes. In Cup, before him Barça, in the Camp Nou, was already lost in 27 ‘by 2-0 which could be 3-0 if the mediation had not VAR in a somewhat annulled Blaugrana. Lately the Lega bleed in the prologues of their parties. Bad business, mustian in Bumper.last_img read more

first_imgLow Perea and Malbasic. “It makes me rethink the 4-2-3-1 system when I don’t see the team well to make any changes. The losses can be solved with other players. We have to be strong, neither skilled, nor precious, nor exceptional from there. everything else comes out. I’m going to work on that, that the team is strong, that on the contrary it costs him to reach the goal or handle the ball. “Jury. “He could be a starter, it is something to value, there are still two days left for the game and we will think about it. The other day he left on the left, but the game was very stuck and we put it inside, but he in this team where he can best perform it is on the left. When it has been available we have always used it, but it had two injuries in two moments that came out and has never caught pace. Now it seems that training has a good rhythm, the quality has it. “ Short week. “I would have liked a week longer because after a defeat you have things to improve and correct. After the other day we have things to talk about. You have fewer days and hardly any recovery time with the trip as well.”Sporting “The change of coach at the beginning did not have the effect they expected, but now the team is different. He plays very well with the ball, he has quite clear ideas of what they do with him and they have a very good result that they achieved in Santander the other day. Sporting, good or bad, in Molinón is dangerous, but now they are well. “Plan to stop the rival. “The plan is that they do not play comfortable, keep them away from our goal and take advantage of our moments that when we do that always appear.”Cádiz is stuck. “There comes a time of the season in which teams that have left more points on the road go more to the concrete, which is what we did at the beginning of the season and we are very well known, they know what our strengths are and We are played by taking advantage of that and we are made to change the way we play a team that does not have several records with the same chances of winning. We have a way of playing that gives us many possibilities and we are very safe and in others not so much When the team runs more with the ball it is a team that does not win and when it runs more without the ball it is a team that normally wins. That is what the teams know. Apart from that, we have to be an intense team. “Intensity. “For me, intensity means the number of stolen balls, which you lose to the opponent. Plays that are not seen in a match but that we handle because we have lived them and we have them. Sometimes the intensity is given by the game of the opponent , Zaragoza handled the ball a lot, there you can put the intensity into practice. “ Template state. “We have been with the entire squad for a while, with some players touched but who can train. That’s good, it is a handicap when making a list because many players stay at home and others without playing, but it is good to have it to choose “.System change “Since the arrival of Malbasic and Álvaro Giménez we have always had in mind that we have to try and be able to play like that. We did it in Las Palmas and we won, we did it the other day against Málaga and we didn’t win. The team suffers. at the time of not having the ball but we are supposed to have more stuck. For the moment we are not getting it, but that is not why we will stop trying. “Competition considers Mesa yellow fairIndignation in the cadism by the decision of the Competition Committee. The resolution gives the reason to Pulido Santana and does not rectify the yellow card that Nano Mesa saw in the match of day 28 against Málaga. The Yellow Submarine yesterday presented allegations, now dismissed, to try to free the Tenerife striker from the warning that the referee deemed necessary to pretend foul within the area and that the club considers unfair.The referee stated in the minutes that the reason for the yellow card was “to pretend to have been infringed” in an action between Diego González and Nano Mesa. Pulido Santana did not appreciate the fault and his assistant in the VAR, Ávalos Barrera, did not consider it necessary to review the images. This decision generated a controversy that has given much to talk in recent days after viralizing the images of the play through social networks.Now, the Competition Committee, after reviewing the images, considers that the decision of the collegiate was correct, and collects “the images provided undoubtedly prove the version of the facts that the club maintains: that the Málaga defender contacts his right foot with the player finally admonished causing his demolition. Therefore, this Competition Committee cannot substitute for the referee’s assessment, concluding that there has been a manifest material error. ”The yellow card is not a penalty for being the second of the striker, who once again stepped on the green after spending two days recovering from a sprained ankle he suffered in the match against Racing.Those who will miss the next game against Sporting when serving the federal penalty for seeing the fifth yellow last day are Filip Malbasic and Alberto Perea. Iván Alejo and Yann Bodiger remain alert.center_img List of called: Cifuentes, David Gil, Iza, Marcos Mauro, Fali, Juan Cala, Espino, Garrido, José Mari, Edu Ramos, Bodiger, Álex, Salvi Sánchez, Iván Alejo, Jury, Pombo, Choco Lozano, Álvaro Giménez and Nano Mesa.last_img read more

first_imgBriton Andy Murray will attempt to compete in the subsequent Miami Masters 1,000, after not with the ability to do it in the first leg of the season.“In the brief time period I’m coaching to be ready for Miami. I’ve executed loads of rehabilitation these months in the muscle mass round the hip and they’re working effectively.”, defined the Scotsman in statements to Amazon.Murray doesn’t play since the Davis Cup crossing in opposition to Holland in the previous month of November. The Briton operated on his hip greater than a yr in the past to implant a steel prosthesis. He returned to play six months later and, on his return to the singles, conquered the Antwerp title in October.However, since then he has been recovering from ache in the space, however in latest days he has shared movies on the monitor in social networks.The Miami Masters 1,000 takes place from March 25 till April 5. Earlier than the Indian 1,000 Masters Masters is performed, from March 12 to 22 of the identical month.last_img read more

first_img“I know Cholo likes it. He would fit in Atlético”“Alexis is still a top player“he stated in Cooperative Radio the triple league champion with Universidad de Chile and today player representative, Leo Rodríguez. “The problem is that it lacks continuity, at Inter you play with another system. At this time, you have to go to a club where the coach wants it and the system benefits him, “he continued. And he entered the name of the Cholo.” I know he likes it. And in a team from the Atlético line, he could play and have continuity, “he concluded. The future of Alexis Sánchez (31 years old) is in the air. Inter Milan have already announced that they will not exercise the purchase option on their loan. An ankle injury has kept him from continuity. He will return to Manchester United, a club in which he has not convinced yet (five goals in 45 games), much as now Solskjaer come to his defense: “It will show that you were all wrong.” But the reality is different. Two years after he paid 29.2 million euros for his transfer, he is looking for a destination. One of the options that sounds is Qatar, according to The Telegraph. Another could be Atlético. That at least points from his country, Chile.Cholo has always chewed his name, he has always followed him closely, he has always loved him on his team. Regardless of what the numbers say (a goal in 13 games at Inter, for example), Cholo knows. And he knows why experience tells him: no coach was able to get as much performance out of him as Simeone himself, in River, 2007-2008 season. “Alexis Sánchez is an extraordinary player, what more could I say about him. I love him a lot, because I had him when he was just a boy,” the Argentine coach defended in 2018. Now, in the midst of the global pandemic caused by Covid- 19, with Atlético drowned economically and a summer with ‘low cost’ signings, The name of the Chilean appears again linked to the future of Simeone. It is good, experienced and cheap. Interest is a repeat offender. last_img read more