Replication Effort Provokes Praise—And Bullying Charges

(Science’s transition to a new website has led to the temporary, we hope, loss of some comments on past online stories. We are working to restore those comments. Meanwhile, the previously posted comments for the story are available in this document. We encourage the scientific community to leave additional comments on the full-length version of this story at the link below, rather than on this summary as the restoration of past comments may override any new ones here. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.)This week, a global network of nearly 100 psychologists unveiled the results of their attempt to repeat 27 well-known psychology studies. In more than half of the cases, the replication was a partial or complete failure. Some are heralding the replications as a renaissance for the social sciences. But some on the receiving end of the replication are calling it an inquisition.For the full story, see this week’s issue of Science.

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