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he said Forest Service or county rescue sea planes can be overhead. but before an independent, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. [BBC] See the Patriotic Red Army School Students in China A child wearing a uniform waits to raise the national flag on Jan.

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“No one has actually tried to quantify just how fast the rates were” says Michael Lee an evolutionary biologist at the University of Adelaide in Australia and the South Australian Museum who led the new research “They just literally took Darwin’s word that they must have been pretty fast” So Lee and colleagues estimated that speed by studying the evolution of arthropods—Earth’s most diverse phylum which includes insects crustaceans and arachnids They looked at how changes evolved in both the genetic code and the anatomy of arthropods comparing 62 different genes and 395 physical traits For any two branches of the arthropod family tree—centipedes and millipedes for example—they picked out important physical differences and variations in genetic sequence in modern specimens Then using evidence from the fossil record about how quickly the two branches diverged the group calculated roughly how fast genetic and anatomical differences must have emerged for each lineage over time They found that when some early branches of the arthropod family tree were splitting off creatures were evolving new traits about four times faster than they did in the following 500 million years The creatures’ genetic codes were changing by about 117% every million years—approximately 55 times faster than modern estimates the group reports online today in Current Biology Lee calls this pace “fast but not too fast” to reconcile with Darwin’s theory This combined model for genes and anatomy represents “quite a stride forward” Wills says The results not only show that the evolutionary clock ticked much faster around the time of the Cambrian but also hint at what may have sped it up The fact that genes and anatomy evolved at roughly the same rate suggest that pressures to adapt and survive in a world of new complex predators drove both the authors speculate Innovations such as exoskeletons vision and jaws created new niches and evolution sped up to fill them Wills agrees that the new research makes this explanation for the Cambrian explosion “look a lot more probable now” Others caution that such analysis is in its infancy “It’s an excellent first step” says Douglas Erwin a paleontologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC," the committee concluded in a report released today. Researchers filmed the sessions, The spoon’s mechanism vibrates to counter the user’s tremors and enable them to eat more easily. snuck into eight-year-old Libbis bedroom to say goodnight when she found her daughters. Bolton said.

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