These years we increasingly headache love Shanghai

page: the home page and channel page, page etc..

in fact, many companies are the same, in bad information in this article the author at a loss what to do, the Shanghai dragon Er perspective, do a simple description of the snapshot processing inappropriate, please forgive me.

complaint, also don’t single, general engine will provide a snapshot of the entrance to report, both the probability of a lot, more than half of general probability.

this way, there may be restored, the general status code from 500+ to 200, snapshot may again. Recovery snapshot, show the amount is also affected, so it is still feasible.

status code: 3 digit code Web Server HTTP response status. This article will refer to 200, 404, 500+.

500+, general server problems.

404, the legend of the dead connection, the general feedback 404 page site settings, the default page or die.

High power The

home page snapshot

200 page engine is generally rejected, of course, robots is suitable for all of the pages. Less than robots, 200 page cleaning, you can put 200 into 500+, namely the server stability problem, then the collocation love Shanghai entrance handling complaints.

a few days ago, a friend said, just search under his own name, originally wanted to see how many of the same name, but found his photo ID and other information for a time, scared to death.


page to the corresponding state code, 404 of the most simple entrance, directly through the engine to provide complaints, sometimes a long time, or is not successful, but insists there is no problem.


low power platform, generally refers to the inside pages of the rubbish site.

snapshot, how to clean up the


low power platform, snapshot clean, easy.

want to clean out if the snapshot page, need to set the robots protocol file website, forbidden love Shanghai grab, finally submitted to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform.

200, the request was successful, the normal feedback page, page is open drop.

robots, a suitable way to clean up all the pages. Everyone can understand, this site is required for permission.

snapshot, have to mention, as well as the status code page.

high right page, very painful, no matter Impenetrable Defence, enjoy the single remedy.

your pain, I feel sorry, I hope; it’s not too late.

Low power

snapshot, how to clean up the

snapshot page + status code


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