That search engine for the assessment and treatment of quality measures

The characteristics of four kinds of

4, picture ", contains a variety of pictures

6, the video website, mainly watch online video resources such as

page usually contains so many parts: head, body, foot, the website website website head, body, tail, general search engine is the main part of key quality evaluation of web page included, of course, in addition to the main content of the main part may also contain the recommended content, sharing, enhance the Internet experience, the sticky part of ascension general site; head is different, is a summary of the entire page outline; the website is generally fixed, of course, some of the large web directory page also changes the tail, according to the website needs to design.

The framework of

3, quiz ", contains various problems and answer

1, high quality, less quantity, for this kind of web resources, the search engine is very love. "

: quality content is the essence of scarcity, the scarcity consists of 2 elements: 1, 2; and valuable, rare is the so-called thin, lack is that most people are needed, which is valuable for the majority of people. This scarcity had high quality content, with the contents of the above as the theoretical guidance, we will web resources are divided into the following four categories: 1, high quality, less; 2, high quality, large quantity; 3, inferior, less; 4, poor quality, large quantity.

1, high quality, less quantity of this resource is web content users need, has the characteristics of good quality, value, search engine on the web resources like.

, the 1 class ", contains information, technical articles, and so on soft

on the treatment of four kinds of web search engines (guess)

Internet web page classification

7, social class ", is mainly to meet the personalized demand of

web resources analysis


, 5 resources ", the main software and data download

2, high quality, large amount of resources, this is actually an extension of the first resource, generally serious online homogeneous, but this web resources have value of this property on the internet.

4, inferior, large amount of the resources are mostly due to human publicity caused by the majority of advertising content is the essence of this, the large amount of users, more offensive, which appear on the page, is soft, soft enough.

2, product category ", include product information, product attributes and introduction of

page analysis

3, inferior, less, this resource is on the basis of the understanding of the original, but does not have the value of this property on the Internet, the web editors recognize only scarce importance, ignore the value of this ring.

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