Lu Guofu Links encountered in liar cheat on

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              through this code we can see where the code is written here would mean that the web page links are blocked, and I also do the site Links is completely useless for me. In fact, do stand really is the person to blame, negligence, everyone is engaged in this industry, take this way and others to exchange links, will be found sooner or later, but this way and others to exchange links, for a long time, you in this circle is also very difficult to mix. I advise everyone in the exchange links must take their own "heart" to exchange with others, for such links is the most excellent quality, the longest, the most stable.Now a lot of


I’m afraid the tool is out of the question, so he went directly to the site to see. When the website source files with this Code:

Links people adopted the method of cheating, this is just one of them, such as know the other about cheating, please continue to pay attention to me in the back of the article will share with you. Now often see some friends just online website started looking for people to change the link, this time is very difficult to find the link, rather than spend time and content and the chain, the weight of your site is up, even if you do not find someone to exchange links, links will come to you. Take the form of cheating by Links, I was very despise. For the healthy development of the website, please do stand, do Links, Links is the first "friendship", and "link".

now do Shanghai Longfeng optimization for more than a year’s time, the Links cheating or some understanding, the day before his own view Links when found himself caught. The thing is, when I search website Links through the tools found a site shows the nofollow attribute (many friends should know the link with the link, then the link is not assigned to the weight, that is to say to your web site to do a one-way link to the people of the site. Because many bloggers are to increase the message of the nofollow attribute, if the message is part of the increase this property is understandable, after all, a lot of people do not want to lose the weight of their own blog in this place), we look at the picture:

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