Secret love Shanghai commodity search ranking rules

love Shanghai to provide such a platform, is to let the user can directly through the love of Shanghai given platform, buy the right goods, is starting to user experience. So if your web site on a category of product number, can give users more choice, love Shanghai nature will make your site get better position display, ranking will be closer to the top. Figure

of course, we can improve the quantity of the goods by some small skills. In the example above, the user is displayed when the word "glasses" search results, but if your web site has "glasses box, glasses cloth, glasses containing these 2 words are also can be in one, this will not be artificial audit intervention.

shows: rankings The visibility effects of The

this is not difficult to understand, out of consideration for the user experience, love Shanghai will naturally feel the more well-known in the industry website will certainly attract more users click, it will put it on the front of the position more.


The number of goods

shown here is when we submit resources, add in the code, so that can be directly set. But to warn you, if only because the ranking is related with number, you will not according to the actual situation of your web site, put this number to write more, you will die very miserable. Because love Shanghai is artificial in monitoring this one, if it is found that the number of goods you submit your website with the actual number of inconsistencies, all of your resources will be deleted, the author is experienced.

love Shanghai commodity search is a subset of the data is open to love Shanghai, love Shanghai offers a free business platform products. If you are doing the e-commerce shopping site, you have to understand the platform, because this platform in the middle of Shanghai ranked love is very close to the top, basically in 1~3, even higher than the love Shanghai encyclopedia, if your website can be displayed here, you will get massive flow. Of course, in order to make the platform with traffic to your site, you are required to submit resources, through the audit, more importantly, you need to understand love Shanghai commodity search ranking rules, let your web site can get a better location display, otherwise resources through is not what effect. The secret for everyone love Shanghai commodity search ranking rules.

the number of products is the core of the

keyword stuffing is very helpful for ranking.

if your site in this industry have higher visibility, so the ranking is sure to help. We can search for some business words, you can see the website will generally have ranking are some of the sites you are familiar with, in this industry more famous. If the number of products in the case of the same general popularity of higher rankings will be relatively more front.

website ranking in the industry

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