How do you make money for 2014

can be said that this is a key decision to make money and how much money the bidding. This involves the conversion, key delivery, creative optimization, ranking optimization and so on more complex links,

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today advertising circles as we analyze several points, I hope we can get some inspiration from:

2, copy the product page and order bidding system.

official website advertising circle inside a lot about bidding course and actual share articles, recommended we can learn to understand and grasp the optimization, account >

general logistics support cash on delivery, such as SF, Zhaijisong express, EMS. Of course, you can also go to apply for Taobao COD, such a payment is convenient.

project this one if there are more professional people to help you recommend some good projects, so basically is waiting to make money. So the experience is very important, it is the basic guarantee to make money

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and select some delivery platform is also possible, but to choose a good reputation in the shipping platform

you can copy it yourself, you will not have to spend money to find someone to help you copy.

bidding is actually to find products and supply of goods, and then use the information asymmetry principle to bidding union purchase sales flow. Product positioning cost roughly in dozens of yuan, the cost is not too high, otherwise the capital turnover and profit margins have problems.

1, do the bidding first to find the right product or project. (this proportion accounted for more than 60%

General Logistics cash flow needs 15 days to 30 days, at this time if the capital turnover failure, there is no way to continue bidding, but also need to put every flow in the cost of purchase bidding alliance. So we need to contact the logistics to try to control the time of payment in a week or two weeks settlement settlement time.

products from Taobao or Taobao store to the mall, also from the TV shopping, and above the search engine search. Of course, to analyze the network market, the choice of exclusive products or popular products better.


4, on the bidding. (mainly account operation strategy and Technology)

order system with PHP and ASP, but the advertising circles that safety or order system PHP

products are found, to love Shanghai or Sogou search of similar products, to find a page you most satisfied is to imitate, copy others’ product page. The relevant information inside the modified into your auction page.

a lot of people want to read the tutorial bidding auction, as can be seen from the tutorial, a huge project bidding. Many of my friends have seen many articles about the auction, but the auction still feel very mysterious, leading to not start.

3, contact the logistics and delivery.

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