f there is no love you will fall in love with Shanghai Google



, on a topic that said it is a reason, in fact, I am a love in Google, but they cannot do without love Shanghai, because we need it to survive, this is life, life can abandon you, but you cannot do without life. If there is no life, how will you? As the theme of the general if there is no love in Shanghai, we can rely on the Google

wrote here, I think there is no love in Shanghai, we can still use Google live, love Shanghai that he does not love you, there is no vision, love Hairuo love you, it can prove that he too much bother, or we are not good for Google, who has an eccentric, love a great love, ah the sea, inclusive of our mind, these little minions, we deeply touched, but Google is far from us, separated the pain, you know? I just want to love Shanghai to describe in one sentence, that is: Chinese people ten million, it is not my change.


I think, I used this title is not very owe, if there is no love in Shanghai, Google can live in Shanghai now? China, love is a single large, unruly, I laugh from Hengdao to-day, to witness the love of Shanghai wild and proud, but then again, now in China, love Shanghai really do very well, the user experience is getting better, the others are added, the whole is out, after everyone in the search for love in Shanghai, may send a mobile phone to love Shanghai, and then in the whole sentence: "please love Shanghai love Shanghai mobile phone search, search not only surprise!" oh, pull a little far, the topic again, why the author write this a title, in fact, there is a purpose, I think, now Google can be said in Chinese is dead Like the smoke to smoke, sometimes hit the open sometimes open, very helpless, of course that we all understand, but there are still a lot of people do not understand, this is exactly why, why Google suddenly become so bad, oh, why is that? I am not here to tell you because, understand natural understand, do not understand people who love Shanghai, You’ll see.


!The author is engaged in Shanghai dragon

first look at our website a street on the words as keywords (taobao贵族宝贝 Womens summer new skirt) love Shanghai index for 770, competition is very big, but we ranked third in Google, as shown in figure


recently the author of a website (贵族宝贝dadongjie贵族宝贝), street to buy the domain name and the planning of these not only on-line time for about a month, Google included has broken million, but Shanghai is still not love love big street, indifference of shame, so far only included 1.

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