Website planning six are you ready

structure of a website is very important, it can directly affect the user for our first impression, so you need to stand in the user’s point of view and some habits to design in our website structure design, and do website optimization of internal science, such as how to design, how to design the column page what is the chain of home, we do not need, we can optimize the nofollow shielding and so on some of the details of the above. In our opinion these many not worth mentioning, but for the work of search engine spider friendly is vital, but in the process of our design, we also need to pay attention to the user click behavior, because now the search engine ranking algorithm also includes the effects of PV value and residence time, so the user experience the work is an important work for the website ranking effect.

in the process of building sites, many times we are not perfect, but.

is done before any industry, we need to study the market, the Internet is the same, in the course of the investigation, we really need to grasp the needs of users, compared to similar products site, what we can do better, what place etc.. Only in this way can we correct planning, but we do know, baizhanbudai, after the investigation, we should take the essence, make our website more perfect, also increase our website late market benefit.


in life no matter what we do things to have a perfect plan, in fact for the line on the website is the same, we only do the pre prepared, to avoid late changes greatly, can be said to achieve a multiplier effect. So in the early construction site we need to plan, make our website from the start value, experience the meaning of a site. Then, the new station needs to do what planning before the line? Xiaobian summarized for everyone to share.

(three) layout work site structure.

(a) were investigated through the network industry market.

(four) some of the basic functions of the perfect website.

in the process of our construction site, must be to do keyword mining work in the mining process, we must be cautious enough, do not be negligent, because then don’t change, otherwise a great impact on the website. It is the main keyword is the name of the game, love Shanghai index is five thousand, and when I came home in the first several can only bring hundreds of traffic, but I do not do some long tail word such as dance name, love Shanghai index is one thousand, but I can bring two thousand of the traffic, so that the word than then the index but not to take a lot of high flow word should be valuable, so be really effective to excavate the site keywords and not so simple.


(two) mining site keywords effectively.

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