Analysis of the competition ability for Shanghai dragon optimization strategy to share

web site operators are now no rival extremely rare, but also can encounter, this is the case, there are two cases, one is the industry has been done, but ultimately ended in failure, eventually no one appeared on the stage, this is another situation. The field itself has not done, but the probability of this situation is very low


do a lot of optimization Shanghai Longfeng staff often have a fearless spirit, always feel that they can conquer any competitors, this idea is completely mistaken, to know that in the Internet world, follow the law of Matthew law, who is better, often will be better, but will be worse the face thoroughly eliminated, so when your industry encountered strong competitors, the best way is to find these competitors easily neglected, rather than from the front and facing them

many people are aware of the importance of the enemy, so now Shanghai Longfeng optimization community appeared competitor analysis heat common, but as far as I know, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel ready for competitor analysis, but found himself without what opponents, some found no major competitors, therefore in the formulation of the corresponding optimization strategy the apparent error resulted from the optimization of the effect is not very ideal! In this case, mainly because Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel did not attach importance to the analysis of the competition, with a fixed optimization model to do their own cause! As long as the correct optimization attitude, believe or be able to find a lot of competitors

found competitors, then through various webmaster tools to these competitor’s website analysis, this time will produce a large amount of data, such as web traffic, the chain number, the content included how to jump flow rate and so on, based on these data, we can determine their competitors according to the different competitive ability, competitive ability, we should develop the competitive alternatives, so as to transcend these competitors! Here we come to rival three different competition ability, we should how to do

for example we can turn back the vertical segments of these powerful competitors in the industry, and the competition of different operations, so it can ensure that their competitors compete for users and groups have some differences, their corresponding competitiveness will increase a lot, of course, in the user experience, we can do better than competitors, slowly will target users to expand their own website, so as to realize Tunxiang

in the two cases, can use the same idea to analyze, it is that this industry is not a problem, can not be approved, because even if you are the first to try the project, can not.


two: no opponent can analysis hands for

: a highly competitive opponent to avoid direct confrontation,


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