Master three fast friends chain

The construction of a chain of !

two: analysis of the other site "special" Friends of the chain, the chain to do high level


mentioned here refers to the same index: 1, included quite; 2, 3, a snapshot update PR. In order to find and their site index of the website, we can go to the friends of the chain platform, the index is clear at a glance, when we find such a website, we went to see his friend chain site to do a chain, the truth I do not have to say, because most of the same level is to achieve a friend chain cooperation. Who would be willing to use their own web sites to high weight and low weight site do friends chain. Do you have a job, it is fast and efficient, saving more time webmaster.

do the same

mentioned in the first point, no one will go to high weight website and low weight website chain, but if this is the case? This is the special friends of the chain, because some owners do not know too much of Shanghai dragon, he just think this chain will only bring traffic, encountered such a site, we must to find a way to contact each other, you think, even if you have a link to buy monthly limit, encountered such a site, it is high level link only once.

is here today and you share your webmaster doing some methods in the process of the chain, hope to all the webmaster friends help, avoid detours!

three: spare no effort to provide all kinds of resources, do high level link

often do friends chain in the process of the stationmaster was politely refused to touch each other, "I’m sorry, you included too little, can’t do", "you feel shy, the snapshot is not updated in a timely manner", "sorry, PR is not a level of"… Encountered such a situation, on the one hand, the other side sigh very polite at the same time, on the one hand and only comfort myself: never mind, look! In the construction of a chain process later, by constantly sum up, slowly, to make friends, to avoid detours, of which there are still many skills.

: analysis of its own website, the most rapid index chain

to a certain extent, we can go to the friends of the chain platform for slightly larger than their PR site do friends chain, then we use various ways to attract each other, for example: 1, with a few standing chain your; 2; do friends chain for your blog group; 3, forum signature on your website… In a word, all kinds of their own resources to attract each other, if the other party is not willing, we will not go down the necessary entangled

I hope I can to help you master, source: Weinan people www.weinanrenjia贵族宝贝 website is not easy, please keep the source, thank you

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