Real time online reviews site optimization ranking Shanghai Longfeng good helper

1, 88% people read the comments to determine the quality of local business (2013 the proportion is 85%


BrightLocal report shows that 88% of people will trust online reviews and make choices and decisions based on comments.


from the top view, comments, and more the good reputation of the site, regardless of the site within the ranking or love Shanghai rankings, is very intuitive to show it, which is why the website will need to comment on this thing, from the user’s point of view, it can be a better understanding of this product, and determine whether it is worth buying, and search engine from the point of view, the more comments, the more attention it is, to judge whether it is valuable, so in the rankings will be on.

According to a consumer

2, regularly read the reviews 39% (2013 the proportion is 32%

2, only 13% of people said they did not believe that comment on personal recommendation (2013 ratio is 21%


is so powerful, so love Shanghai, 360 have started in this piece, such as the 360 tomato comments, love Shanghai’s reputation, and we are more familiar with the public comments are targeted review sites. There are many websites with this function, from blog comments to reply to the community website, almost all of the sites with this function, of course, has its own main control can some website review website, this is no meaning.


3, only 12% of people do not read the comments (2013 the proportion is 15%

The report shows that:


love Shanghai search engine technology after several relatively large changes after the algorithm, the search technology is more and more perfect, more and more accord with human needs, the webmaster loophole is more and more less, I think there is a demand for the people is a good thing, it is not easy to be deceived some bad sites, not easy to row to the first page, and on the real to the user’s Web site will be protected by love and good ranking in Shanghai. This is what I said before the user experience. Good things out to the user, the bad things, remove hidden.

I want to )

this will be another kind of user experience, real-time online reviews, I believe that most shopping online users will pay attention to this one, so online flat on the function of most of the electricity supplier website will have no small part of development, we are more familiar with Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, No. 1 shops will have online reviews, it mainly is to let users know better how to this product, allowing users to make better choices, it can also be said to be word of mouth.

1, 88% of consumers believe that online reviews personal recommendation (2013 ratio is 79%

whether you believe in the website evaluation survey found:

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