Shanghai Longfeng brick house don’t crazy about him he is only a legend

China Shanghai dragon industry is not standardized, no more formal and authoritative Shanghai dragon training institutions, of course the author not to deny the great Shanghai dragon training site, such as good training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng why can be called on, but most of all the personal name of Shanghai dragon training institutions. Shanghai Longfeng workers title is the industry or company to the ability of simple division. There is no Shanghai Longfeng the relevant certificate certificate, at least I do not know what the "Shanghai dragon Engineer".

I feel the domestic various "brick house" too much, what health "brick", what "Shanghai dragon brick", in the domestic brick house is too much. Refers to the experts in academic, skills and expertise or professional knowledge, the author thinks that really can be called on the Shanghai dragon is currently one of the few experts. But love Shanghai. You will find a lot of "Shanghai dragon brick":

: the first Shanghai dragon industry does not regulate

A few days ago

: the first correct understanding of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon God

second: the abnormal development of Shanghai dragon industry


I consulted a Hefei Shanghai dragon company, gave him a dozen words, ask how long can do up, about how much money? Who knows the customer said a month on the first page of Shanghai steady love, more than a dozen key words add up to 2500RMB. I was really surprised. These words are not difficult to do, the degree of competition is not small. It is so cheap, but also so quickly. I think certainly through the "black cat" means to do, the price is really "cabbage price", now just to find people online website optimization, most are very cheap. Meet the eye everywhere hundreds of pieces. Do the same as before, is very expensive, now hundreds of pieces are a lot of people do. Because many people, a simple website. Soon, the price is slightly higher, others will not find you. Shanghai Longfeng workers every year now in rapid growth, then there will be a lot of "the price of cabbage".

Shanghai Longfeng not so magical you imagine, Shanghai dragon just a means of making money. Shanghai dragon can make your web site to get the steady flow, but the Shanghai dragon is not God, is not a panacea, it is.

why is there so much "Shanghai dragon brick"? And the true Shanghai Longfeng experts are very low-key, there are so many experts, I think it is mainly because of the following two reasons.


can you believe "Shanghai dragon brick"? How many "Shanghai dragon brick"? The author summarizes the following two points, if you are a business owner, if you want to pass the Shanghai dragon ascension site keywords ranking, perhaps you will help.

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