Fast learning process can not miss the latest Shanghai Dragon

five, the website and case analysis:

website through data analysis to determine the types of key column layout is done, is the site of the promotion, so simple marketing commonly used simple I will give you a simple see mentioned, as well as the core content will give you best share, you cannot hold good ha, and it will become a promotion a marketing ring structure, forming a closed loop system, make contacts, resources, traffic Everfount arrival, please look forward to.

Two, build

six, website traffic:


, a Shanghai based Dragon: learn

behind points but the essence, hope that we can learn together, of course, some of the details of the things that may not be the text can.

Analysis of The realization of


through the analysis of the data can understand the needs of users, so as to determine the layout of the site, the key to determine the key layout and determine the column. Usually the analysis includes: the keyword drop-down menu, search, search results, with the help of love love Shanghai index, Shanghai official keywords tool analysis, analysis of Shanghai love Statistics website log etc..

, three


Promotion and marketing, website:

Shanghai Longfeng terms, determine the keywords and matters needing attention, and the death of the website submitted inspection, 404 page production, mining layout keywords, internal and external chain layout and optimization, pages long tail keywords ranking, find the content source.

ForumAnalysis of

everyone in the discussion of learning Shanghai dragon are very frozen chicken, but when they started learning and confused, I do not know where to start, or a learning process or not according to the study, according to the old ways of learning, not to say that the old ways of learning is not good, just here. I learn the whole process of Shanghai dragon, to share with you.

this is the core of Tanzhou Shanghai Longfeng Research Center Whampoa  military academy, where I will have to share it, and these are in front of the data fusion analysis, website promotion, explain the core knowledge system. From the marketing and planning of the entire market, user needs analysis to find the relevant industry leader and cooperation and even others take the initiative to find you, according to your activity planning, to help others to complete the free promotion of cooperation.


website and simple optimization:

to real early website construction and optimization, and the revision of the website data analysis after ranking ahead and stable rankings, explain the layout of the site, the selection of key words, in the layout of the chain is reasonable…

first set up a blog site set up from the station, making tutorial site column, determine the column page, build enterprise website, the optimization of the enterprise stand, the construction and optimization of

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