Analysis of Shanghai Longfeng level is how to evolve into the elite from mediocrity

(1) analysis of general data: general data analysis here we included the number, including the number of the chain, the common site traffic and so on, these surface data on our rankings are directly linked, through the number included the number and the chain analysis, we can improve our website content and release the chain the strategy, make work more efficient.

requirements: to become a sensitive data of Shanghai dragon er

(2) analysis of the details of the data: the details of data analysis including single page flow, the click rate, page access speed etc.. The details of data analysis, the more we need to pay attention, although it may not be a direct impact on our website ranking, but these potential data often can make you more accurate analysis to the website of the change of their work and the place needs to be improved. For example, the click rate, then we can’t publish an article is ignored, we should all go to check the daily click rate, click rate, found the article page out rate is low, generally indicates that the user love like this, so that we can go to edit this article, attract more users.

many mediocre Shanghai dragon, they are only satisfied with the hair of the chain, in the article, as long as this is done to improve website ranking, although it is also OK, but this will only make the low efficiency, but also lead to excessive optimization blindly, lack of effective flow. To become a Shanghai Longfeng experience, first you have to be sensitive to data. The author believes that the data analysis should be divided into two aspects:

the same as a mediocre Shanghai dragon Er, the author thinks that Shanghai is not only the dragon and the hair of the chain. If so, why our side there will be so many Shanghai dragon elite? Their level is higher than us, but how high where? The author after some research, summed up the Shanghai dragon level from mediocrity for the evolution of elite will do three requirements.

too blindly follow others thought is to stay in Shanghai Longfeng level is an important reason for mediocre stage, what is what many people say is Shanghai dragon Er, right or wrong, never to practice to prove it. This is not his thoughts of Shanghai dragon Er is sad, like a >

Shanghai Dragon Technology into China imperceptibly has this almost 10 years, and then entered the Shanghai dragon Chinese, many beginners think Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious, with strong technical work, the author also includes. But with the growth of experience, most of the time we will find that the so-called Shanghai Dragon technology is nothing more than writing articles, send the chain, so we will stay in the level of the ladder a mediocre, but is this really the case?

two: use the practice to summarize his ideas


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