A correct understanding of the difference and connection between the chain and the related domain

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we can understand why love Shanghai related domain number increased, while ranking did not go up, perhaps it is because when we add the chain, most of them are some of the chain is invalid.

chain and love Shanghai related domain is a relation of inclusion, the chain contains love Shanghai related domain, those related domain truly effective chain is the webmaster need, only truly effective chain can improve the site’s ranking, the chain of effective means when a mouse click the link can jump to another page. If we love Shanghai related domain caused the increase in the number of website rankings, so it is safe to say that these related fields include most of the chain effectively, the chain increased effective data.

for the relevant domain, especially when we love Shanghai in the query of the chain number, a scalar that will see that love is only for the use in the domain of Shanghai fell in love with the sea link, when domain your domain name, love Shanghai will list all relevant web pages. Love Shanghai related domain effective related domain and the invalid related domain, the related domain is effective in the display picture to see your domain name address, domain and invalid means that it will put some supply out similar tools. Therefore, only the relevant domain effectively to improve website ranking functions and invalid domain is not what use.

for the webmaster, can not ignore the construction of love Shanghai effective related domain, which is a lot of stationmaster needs continuous efforts in the direction, the construction of effective related domain is able to improve the number of connections, and gradually improve the website ranking. So for the webmaster, the construction of the chain places effective and webmasters need to continuously collect and accumulate.

the time of the site in the Shanghai dragon, as every day how much use Er query site outside the chain of tools, the chain will observe the site every day there is no increase, because we all understand has an important effect on the chain ranking on the site. But when the query tool chain, especially the chain query love Shanghai, love Shanghai in fact shows the number of related fields, rather than the true sense of the chain, so for the novice Shanghai dragon Er speaking, how to correctly understand the difference and connection between the chain and the related domain

two, the chain and related domain contact

, a chain and related domain difference

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. The quality of import links directly determine the weight of the site in the search engine. When the search engine to give the chain attaches great importance to, more and more owners hope that with more chain to improve your site’s ranking, this is also the "emperor" chain source. But the quality of the chain becomes uneven, of course, imported from the weight high website link quality is better, so in the chain, we need to pay attention to the quality of the chain is not quantity.

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