How to correct their website optimization

2. web content optimization: a website can pre spend very smooth, get special weight, this is a very important point. A new website on the Internet, have no advantage, such as the weight, link to vote, even if there is no age, content to get users to click on the content, so no weight, how to go with some basic weight, do so for a long time the website competition here. First of all we have submitted to the search engine website, let him go to grab web content which included here is related to a simple code optimization, also it can identify do not recognize text recognition, do, try not to let the spider can’t identify content on the web site, then it’s just a grab the content of the website? Not, want to get the most basic weight, he must be very smooth crawl all pages of a turn, then we need to program what? To make him a good turn, need: path within the chain, map, robots.txt.

3. website optimization methods (mainly refers to the difference of things), optimize a keyword or a website optimization, using the method of what each >?

website optimization is a project, is a technique that is not a day for two days can be completed, the completion is to show a good ranking in the search engine, is also the website optimization effect. If you want to have ranking in a short time, I think we all know what technology, only the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology to express to obtain rankings, but this ranking will not last long, as long as the search engine that cheating will be punished accordingly. We optimize our website, is to obtain long-term stable rankings, so is not recommended to use this cheat technology.

website optimization, what time is the previous optimization? Is this time line on the website to enter the top twenty keywords is the previous optimization, the key word here is the core word website, that how can we optimize? Here give you a summary of three points:

1. from the search engine content identification, must let the search recognition engine can complete the whole website, so as to establish a trust, this is the site optimization first to operate, is the main path to the web site, the shorter the better, must give a very smooth path to let the spider to grab your content; we all know the spider crawling is the code, do not see the web interface, so the code level to be very clear, as little as possible search engine does not recognize the content, remove, cannot be recognized such as: JS, falsh, video, audio, nested tables etc.. For the code recognition is completed in the early stage of optimization, for example, the H label, the chain (QQ chain link is a small icon like), the other is mainly on the aspects of the template, which is a one-time good optimization.

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that we should optimize their websites how to correct? Here I’ll share the website optimization ideas, I hope we can bring help

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