See the search for new trends from the hit series

Mobile: 2 million 370 thousand proportion: 51.2%


, along with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, tablet and smart TV, more and more girls watching TV with mobile

When the



in 2012, a hit TV series about 260 thousand top search traffic, mobile platform accounted for only 7.7%

!Then the mobile terminal account for how much?

index from February 28, 2014: 4 million 630 thousand!


The key to


this costume dramas in the 2013 top ten Chinese opera sixth

32014 years of drama from the stars you:

just finished the hit series from the stars you < >, the degree of hot and bring the search traffic, really let the author of a marvel. In the TV series the attention of people’s eyes, hard earned flow, accounting for less than a small fraction of. Self pity but also made a careful study of the hit series flow through some of the hit series data in recent years of experience, we wrote, I hope you pay enough attention to.

mobile terminal index: 600 thousand PC a day earlier than the end proportion: 44.4%

without contrast no trend that I bring you from the beginning:

The highest end

in 2>

index from June 9, 2012 260 thousand

12012 years hit series: Golden wolf happy life (I found that more people love to use: " " kintaro happy life; to search, because the data is consistent, adopted the name

In mid 2013 The highest


) The highest

this drama in 2012 when a fire, and adapted into the film, has the certain representation, we look at the data (data source: Shanghai love index)

overall the highest index in August 28, 2013 than in 2012: 1 million 350 thousand traffic greatly increased


, do not talk nonsense, directly on the



22013 years hit series: King

mobile terminal traffic accounted for 20 thousand, the proportion of 7.7%

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