Google search eBay rare artificial punishment sort traffic jumping

Google search algorithm changes has never been reviewed for a site specific impacts, ranking changes naturally reluctant to comment on the eBay.

Tencent Francisco (dawn / compilation) May 24th news, as Google global search King (micro-blog search), determines the massive website traffic worldwide. In May 20th, Google adjustment algorithm, the results of the largest eBay injured, traffic plummeted. According to the latest reports, Google’s eBay launched a rare "artificial punishment" measures.

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company statistics, 120 thousand pages of eBay site search rankings impact, but one of the 90 thousand ", the URL contains BHP".

eBay UK website, Google’s page ranking, the emergence of the "cliff" collapsed.

media analysts said, eBay’s plunge, superposition search algorithm update and effect of artificial punishment, so a huge decline.


[Abstract] every time Google updates search algorithm, can cause big changes in search rankings and external web site traffic.

in May 18th in the "possession of the top ten in the Google search results ranking proportion of this indicator, eBay, is the world’s sixth place in May 19th plummeted to 12 in May 20th, fell to 20.

According to According to

is also a small search site Ask贵族宝贝, the decline is as high as 50%. However, for ordinary users, the importance of the eBay trading platform much more than Ask.

reports, the so-called "artificial punishment", the staff of Google search, after artificial found a website content problem, that the search should be ordered punitive measures.

in general, eBay is not a content poor site, but why the search ranking plummeted?. According to U.S. media Searchengineland latest search industry quoted sources broke the news, Google is indeed on eBay launched an "artificial punishment" measures, in other words, Google intentionally to eBay a slap".

Google search algorithm update every time, can cause big changes in search rankings and external web site traffic. This time however, online retail stores eBay becomes injured. Third party monitoring shows that the eBay web search ranking plummeted sharply by 1/3, Google go attracted visitors, naturally fell.

May 20th, Google search began deploying panda algorithm update 4, the main purpose of this update is reduced, the content of inferior site search ranking.

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