The details of website optimization problems are likely to cause excessive optimization

second, website navigation and excessive home key settings. This is the optimization problem most easily into many small sites, most of the time the content optimization is no problem, but still have not seen website weight change, this time to focus on the layout of the home page, I found that many webmaster love in time very much to join the main navigation stack keywords, and point to the site of these keywords pay off all the way home, in 2010 to 12, the effect is very good, but now in the excessive accumulation of keywords and navigation become the root cause over optimization, so as not to use the time accumulation keywords opportunistic navigation. One is the home page keyword density is too large, a lot of new to this point is the most obvious manifestation, in order to highlight the keyword either product deployment module or information module like keyword accumulation of a large number of search engines, for fear of not knowing what is the web site, keyword density, we generally recommend 2% to 8% so, you in the process of deploying keywords as much as possible not to exceed this range, once the keyword density is too large, the site will suddenly show the ranking often don’t pay attention to your Not the least trace was found., really can not find their illegal operations. When do we start to pay attention to the details of the main points.

third, analyze the problem over optimize site outside the chain. Site outside the chain optimization process is caused by the most direct source, we optimize the process once found website weight affected web site keywords ranking drop, in addition to the split >

website optimization, very easy to fall into the problem of optimization is excessive, we often say that this concept is too far, as a novice specialist, always thinking about the optimization to be comprehensive, but it will cause some scruples everywhere unnecessary problems in the optimization process, that today I will talk about we should avoid excessive optimization from the details of the start

first, the web content is optimized but also the core of the optimization of excessive root. The content of the website is the key, because the user and search engine is through quality content to evaluate the quality of website content is the most crucial point, so the content of attention as an optimization personnel is of course as it should be, and as the most basic content optimization, the author found that many owners will inadvertently enter the optimization over the cycle, there is a common problem of the quality of website content, such as pseudo original, website content links cheating, export links, although the correlation link is the key to enhance the website weight, but the full article outbound links too much, and the user experience of the conflict is inevitable, the above is a common content optimization the problem, how should we avoid? I suggest, first, strictly the quality of content, the original article is the premise. Secondly, the construction process must be around the theme of writing, rather than to keywords and in the creation of the article. Finally, the layout website internal link structure must be reasonable, the chain is too much optimization taboo.

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