Prick love Shanghai future search


in our Chinese eyes, love Shanghai is a super powerful tool, even a lot of people can not phenomenon is not love in Shanghai will not be as difficult as electricity and water. In fact, in the era of big data, all with navigation information, mining tools have similar functions with rigid demand, even to begin the search tool is not love Shanghai, there will be other search tools accompany our Internet life.

is the first to adjust the information. Shanghai micro-blog, WeChat and other love with the fragmentation of information explosion, now users real-time information on the value of more than before. We both want to search something complete and accurate, also hope to have the time. For example, search a simple question like "James in the team, which is a lot of love" in Shanghai to know the answer, but there is still a lot before 2010, said James Cleveland playing children. This love Shanghai should try to filter out. Search the information should be do not watch the ball or the beginning of the ball, although very simple, but the love of Shanghai could not ignore the problem of trifles. In fact, according to the theory of long tail search, the fragmentation of the search request is very much, love Shanghai if not slightly improved, I am afraid of brand image is not very good.

half of the industry, daily use of very high frequency of love Shanghai, love Shanghai are also quite familiar with. According to Shanghai’s own groping for love so long, good place as we all know, in an ordinary user’s point of view pick love Shanghai fault, but also hope that love can be improved in these areas of Shanghai.

Limitation of I belong to the

second, or around this simple question pick a prick. If for this simple problem, can change a kind of form is good. I believe that many found this problem, hope is a search will be able to see the search results, no two clicks to see.

always accompany us not love Shanghai, but other search engines, will not be present in a dominant situation? The existence of such a theory in the United States: the Internet in a fully competitive environment of the Internet, in a certain field must be the distribution pattern of 70-20-10, which has a proportion of about 70% of the boss, here is a accounted for about 20% of the second, below 10% is the overall share of several other peers. In the search field has generally the pattern in the development stage of China’s limited to the Internet, the competition is not completely open, has not formed the pattern of love, Shanghai’s share is too large.

for now love Shanghai, different people feel is not the same. Professional Internet people may feel the love of Shanghai is not accurate, information display advertising is not clean, a little more; while most users may be difficult to give up the love of Shanghai to select other search engines, as other search engine brand far does not fall in love with sea ring, and a variety of excellent products to love Shanghai has given them great benefits. To meet the basic needs.

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