Shanghai dragon to the user experience oriented era

2: update the content does not stop. The Internet is now a lot about Shanghai Longfeng information on there is a concept of "content is king, the chain for emperor", so a lot of attention to the contents of the construction, content is indeed important, but most people are in order to update and update, and not from the user’s point of view to think about a website of the update of what the target, many sites keywords daily updated content and site is basically irrelevant, or even related, is false original, love Shanghai 6.22 and 6.28 events have given us stand in a very large warning, if stubborn words, then the site was to kill the next is your station.

if you are plain has been doing research in how to increase the chain site, then you will be OUT, the user experience.

Er Shanghai dragon please search engine, then the search engine who is please? Apparently users use search engines, a search engine to long-term survival, must meet the needs of most users use it, if not met, who will go to use the search engine, it is bound to the search engine will be closed, since the search engine is to please users, we have Er Shanghai dragon please search engine, so why don’t we meet the search engine with the object, we use this object to please, as can be imagined to please the search engine, so in 2012 the Shanghai dragon Er work is to satisfy the majority of users our website needs to reduce the bounce rate, increase PV, UV, IP etc..

1: stop the chain. The chain of migrant workers is a noun recently out, mocking as a white-collar work done as a migrant worker ah what technical content to live. A lot of Shanghai dragon er or the application of Shanghai Longfeng method a few years ago to optimize the search engine, to do so, only backward, do not deny the importance of the chain, but the chain decrease in the proportion of optimization ranking, and by ranking the chain up, need maintenance workload as can be imagined, because the chain always does not stop change, when you do not stop every day in the hair of the chain of the chain at the same time, a few months before the decrease in a little bit, this is to rob Peter to pay Paul, sneered, breaking one threw a.

Shanghai dragon to the user experience oriented era, perhaps a lot of people heard these words, don’t feel very fresh, because we do Shanghai dragon is to users more convenient search to our website, but in reality we are in accordance with the idea of doing? According to the survey, found that many sites are doing:

from the above two examples, we can clearly see that what we do most of Shanghai dragon Er now work? To the website ranking, in order to please the search engine, is constantly in the hair of the chain, update ceaselessly, it will get more of the 6.22 and 6.28 events.

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