Keywords distribution analysis of the influence of the rankings

Dior pink fragrance search ranking screenshot

you search "Dior pink fragrance" to get the search results page four are a front page reputation the United States, a product of love Shanghai open platform aggregation search page, "Dior addict perfume" love Shanghai Encyclopedia of music bee network on product goods quiz page.



2, the word will be split into "Dior" "addict" pink "fragrance".

reputation page 6, breadcrumb navigation, web page title important position appeared 1 times each, the content appears 4 times, and the love of Shanghai open platform page, page Encyclopedia of Shanghai love music bee network quiz page is not directly the word.

1, first look at the page directly, "Dior pink fragrance" word layout:

speculates that the search engine ranking will be completely in accordance with the principle of matching correlation, according to the principles of the United States does reputation page should appear in the first place.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. The site is user oriented, so in the process of the optimization of the website, we often talk about a point of view is "content is king", and that "the chain for emperor" are not in conflict, if we really can do these two points, it is quite good for the website, where we do not good optimization is because on the one hand, which is not good, one is easier to be ignored is the content, a lot of friends talking about the website to the original, false original when more pursuit of high quality, but also some friends speak generally say a lot seems very practical, but it is read hastily and without thinking. Do some execution (including myself here for a long time before that), if some of the working principle of search engine is not deep, in fact we do not Shanghai Dragon Chicken, or for the Shanghai dragon without a clear feeling in the heart.

analysis layout four pages:

The United States

website content, to do, need some editing capabilities, before we talked about "add in change" four words, but only from the content of the original degree to consider, seldom go to the analysis content of the keyword editor, perhaps when it comes to one or two points, only roughly with everyone raised around "the word" settings, such as key words in the title to ask you to layout optimization, in the content of the first section and end layout optimization related keywords, appears in the article and so on, but why these keywords? A friend said, did not know what to do, also Shanghai Longfeng, adding these keywords is increase the page keyword density, density increases, the correlation is improved, the rankings have advantages. Here we see an example, you can have a good understanding of why the layout of key words.

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