Practice has proved that Shanghai dragon fight but time

site (Shanghai dragon), as one of the main flow and improve website ranking, Shanghai dragon has many merits, at least, a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and has a strong executive power station, website ranking will be gradually increased, but there is little doubt that I always cannot get love, Shanghai home page is really one of

, a popular keywords do love Shanghai home, if your site is small, it is difficult to estimate in Shanghai love the first page, it is easy to fall down. The shop is small, this is weak "can summarize the reasons, although some disappointing, but the fact is this. Shanghai Longfeng do better, if not, really useful things, not long to get user acceptance, and the objective of visits, sooner or later fell out of the search engine home page, which is almost no doubt what.

Shanghai dragon but is a great way to improve website traffic only, if the gambling mentality will be the site of the future of all charges in Shanghai Longfeng, so it is difficult for a long time! Because of a really useful to customers site, is the unity of form and content, the content is the needs of users, is to attract users the way. A clean shop and a messy shop, selling the same products, in the same place, the traffic is different. There are many kinds of forms, such as advertising, shop signs, the introduction of new products and so on are a good way to attract customers, if the "specious, foul within", then, again good form is just empty talk.

will be a web site as a real shop signs, such as the "shop" in the flow of people in high places, such as the station, the station daily flow of people is objective, see the shop signs must be a lot of people, I often stop the car, of course, will also pay attention to some shops Station nearby, I feel that the more prosperous of the lot, the store changes more especially, small shops, just change the name, almost a few months! But the store changes slightly big famous but not too big, can persistence.

Search engine optimization

relies on the Shanghai dragon, is too dependent on "Huaquanxiutui" face work >


as the network becomes more and more standardized, those "embarrassed" offbeat, "human flesh search" phenomenon of invasion of privacy will be gradually reduced, even by laws and regulations. Because of this, users are increasingly smart, not easily deceived. Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the ultimate goal is to profit, as people familiar with the Internet, love Shanghai keywords, can easily distinguish the sites they need, which website is empty, at the same time, face the challenge of network users to search engine search results, search engine sites are working towards let the customer get a good experience to. Over time, "Huyou" market increasingly tight, can must be experienced "bullets" bloody in web world to survive the fierce competition, to play their own country.

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