Site optimization strategy a party can solve domestic trouble and foreign invasion

is not the first home page, is what caused it? Because the home page is down right or the weight itself is not caused by. On the home page is right down in the ranking of the site undoubtedly greatly, become a fatal obstacle affecting the future development of the website. How to solve the weights of the home page, is divided into two parts to discuss: 1, weight distribution, collocation on website structure coordination result in the weights assigned to the home page weight is low, a large part of the factors is because of "navigation" caused by the irregular distribution pattern, right: page link channel, channel link content classification the classification, content links do not cross channel, and each channel, each piece of content must have a link. Doing so can ensure that there are ZhengZhan >

A: the main content and location deviation of

in the process of building a website to clear himself in a what kind of website to update what. This is not always the original can improve website ranking, but also to write on it? For example: if you are a Shanghai dragon Er website optimization, but all released some entertainment information, bit and keyword density will neither fish nor fowl, is not. This site is basically offset the development path, so even further increase the optimization strategy, external links do not make a very fruitful flow. So, in the future development on the subject orientation is necessary factors should not be shifted, and focus on the main content update can increase website weight, speed up the pace of updates spider. The fast pace of the spider that you ahead of its competitors have also been strengthened, so the coordinated development of the main content and website is beyond the opponent chips.

: easy to produce the optimization process within

in the construction site often encountered in the process of the site on the line after still repeatedly modify the site, have to say this is a worry. The weight of relatively low not to search engine recognition, to modify the other website is undoubtedly one disaster after another. Often hear some webmaster said "why my website for 2 months is not included?" these two months are you doing what? Do not just the pursuit of perfect vision, focus on search engine is more stable, so Wenzhongqiusheng still enjoyed here. Of course, the above is only one aspect of "internal problems", the website also easily lead to internal problems such as:

B: the weight distribution is not in place of

optimization is Shanghai dragon can make a website up to a central control, a competitor will throw away the effect. But the optimization is more likely to result in unstable factors ultimately become domestic trouble and foreign invasion, a large part of the site often made in the short term to higher ranks last had receded, have to say the dark mourning occupies most of the. How to solve website inside external obstacle, is in the lower ratio of search engine eliminated, increase out of opponents of chips, a website that can expand the living space.

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