How to use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

2. love Shanghai webmaster tools

1. site verification: first you have to register a love Shanghai account, login account after the need to verify the website does not verify the site is not able to use the

(5) page optimization recommendations can be made on the web page analysis, observe whether there is any problem, through this analysis, we can timely find problems and timely solutions, give some suggestions for you:


good file verification

using FTP tools to download files uploaded to the site root directory

(4) in the sea index can clearly understand the site collected

A few commonly used tools of

verify the site there are three ways to teach you the most simple


(2): submit chain website links appear dead when the dead link address to submit to your site can solve the problem of dead links

original article reproduced please specify: 贵族宝贝yf Shanghai.Net/50.html Dongguan Shanghai dragon dragon Zi Xuan blog original

return to love Shanghai station confirmed to verify whether the document can normally access

(6) abnormal crawl through this function can know the love of Shanghai there is a web crawling exception

Shanghai Longfeng optimization to understand the data analysis, the data come from? Data is obtained through some webmaster tools, the Zi Xuan next to teach you how to use the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools:

(3) analysis of the chain site outside the chain can know the exact circumstances, the chain data through other tools query is completely inaccurate, not let me make correct analysis work of the chain. This love is the official launch of the Shanghai webmaster tools more representative, more accurate data query.

(1): URL submitted to web site on-line address submitted to the search engines love Shanghai, love Shanghai on your site included

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