t discusses the influence of website template replacement


often see some new Shanghai dragon where er said the site after don’t move, otherwise it will be right down. Website templates don’t change, otherwise it will pull hair or right down. I’m not saying they say something is wrong, but I want to share something here, but they are not mentioned, this is why I want to say is to further explore the effect site replacement template, not just talking about the reason.

How to see

do not know how many Shanghai dragon Er is know the signal-to-noise ratio of this kind of thing, a quality of the site, the signal-to-noise ratio of a thing is more important, an excellent website general signal-to-noise ratio is more than 98%, so when you replace the template, not only the structure of the site, also the signal-to-noise ratio value, which leads to may be right down, pulled hair etc..

spider web site

no matter what your site do again how beautiful, how beautiful the spider he cannot read, he just look at your website code, through his analysis of your site code to determine the quality of your site is good or bad, if the replacement of the website template, will be right down, then I can only say tell friends so he must figure out what is the site of the style sheet or CSS.

replacement would influence the weights of the website in the discussion, I often read some articles to redirect URL prior to the new URL, to ensure the integrity of the original URL, so that it can reduce the problem after the template is brought in to replace. I really don’t know what to say at that time, why the Internet there are wide of the mark of the article, why there is always some people do not understand to mislead others? Do not know whether you have seen such a problem, I have seen. Don’t change the template may be more variable URL, so don’t take this URL, change the template will only affect the structure of the website and CSS. The effect of URL is the replacement program.

When the template

replacement procedure

Some people have changed after


!Why Some friends may be using ZBLOG>


if you want to do a little change template is not affected, it is very simple, that is to modify the site CSS file. The structure of the website code not to move, because you will touch another search engine rules, snr. As long as you don’t go to the website code, just modify the CSS of the website, so you can change the template, the site with no changes, so little effect will not be

template, why say the site is down right, some even plucking it? What is a word without actually? Difeng is not clear, but I want to illustrate this possibility through a problem.

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