A secret high weight website optimization skills

web page content, updated articles or information are websites with little or no knowledge, like other websites which update the website promotion and website optimization and other related knowledge. I checked, most articles are original. A website for two years, only a collection of more than 600 pieces of the weight can reach 4. It can be seen from the side, included in the article number and weight really love Shanghai Never mind too much.

three, the chain of more


can see from the above, the website update speed is relatively slow, but the love of Shanghai is relatively new snapshot. So if a website if there is no content can be written, can not write. In order to improve the update speed of the website not around to copy and paste the others, than to copy and paste the time out to send the chain.

some people say the keyword of the website is not in the best time to do not change. In fact, this is wrong, the correct statement is the keyword of the website or title and other information don’t frequent changes. Only the frequent changes will cause the drop right or K stand as punishment. General web site keywords or tags half slightly modified and other information will improve the website optimization effect. Because there is a new station is just beginning to do a love Shanghai index thousands of keywords in the home, this is certainly much cost of manpower and material resources.

, a website of the basic information of Shanghai dragon

from the top of the label can see this website as Shanghai dragon trainer said, title and keywords and description are natural and reasonable entire website keywords, and keywords of this site is far beyond the 3-4 keyword. Smart people can see why keywords this website will be Shenzhen, high-end brand, and the company seems irrelevant keywords. Yes, he is to think through the matching method to produce more keywords, from the site of the Shanghai traffic is expected to love you can see that his method is feasible, but the premise to the site has a certain weight love Shanghai. If it is a low weight site to take this way to increase the difficulty of website optimization is undoubtedly.

The above figure is


two, the related contents and update cycle


because the company website recently revised, causing the site rankings change a lot. As the Shanghai dragon Er can only continue to observe and analyze the competitor’s website, mining some of their own did not know before the Shanghai dragon skills. Today Riquan Pang share analysis in the industry where a good website ranking by some Shanghai dragon skills.

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