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first, chaos optimization content. Found a problem, some enterprises only think of webmaster website news is the focus of the web site, there is no focus outside of news, in fact, this is a mistake, the most important is the enterprise website home page, news, products, product knowledge column column, the four is the key. Why the author said corporate owners random optimization content? Because the exchange and analysis of some enterprise web site to see some phenomena, but also can be said to be the enterprise owners do not care about the place, for the following.

these days have been in the group with the enterprise owners exchange enterprise website optimization, from the exchange can be found in such a problem, part of the corporate website do not know what reason is love Shanghai to drop right, and the site is K, so the enterprise owners asked pen, the author also briefly look at the site, in fact, the author also is from the content, the chain, the chain saw, found that many business sites have the same kinds of factors, and these factors lead to a formal corporate Web site is down right, after the enterprise website, the author thinks that the enterprise network station was drop right or K stand completely because of an enterprise a website optimization result, but after the exchange found that, at present most of the enterprise webmaster have optimized the formal training, resulting in website optimization of random optimization, it can be said that this Is a very common phenomenon. Then I discuss the reasons which caused several random optimization of enterprise web site is down right and K station, but also with the majority of business owners to communicate with this problem.

, a corporate owners random optimization content

2, in addition to news website is the content of the original product knowledge, all is false original column. From this point we can see that most of the website content is pseudo original, >

today, small and medium-sized enterprises has got used to be right down the phenomenon, almost every day can see some enterprise website is love Shanghai punishment, when faced with these will have a lot of corporate owners complaining about why I love Shanghai, the optimization of the enterprise site is in accordance with the regular means of optimization, but also to my business the site to drop right. Of course, the more there is such a phenomenon more people complain love Shanghai, can be said that this is a very normal phenomenon. The phenomenon we should also know that the small and medium-sized enterprises are in the transmission of information, through the enterprise website on the Internet products and services, because the enterprise website can know the Internet with more potential customers, so that enterprises in the web site is very important. But a lot of enterprise webmaster random site optimization, lead to site is down right by the K station, this is a problem but in reality, I also believe that to see some of the owners of this article has resonated with.

1, the articles are copied, without any quality. See page, part of the copy of an article to love Shanghai, found that too much repetition, the author also specially asked him, your content is original? Or start at your site? He said it was responsible for the copy copy does not modify the text.

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