404 you have to set the correct

with the old domain name:

new website:


and some friends to let the search engine think page exists on the use of 301 or other code to jump to the home page. "

because some buy over the old domain, we can ensure that the old before the contents of search engine database contains all clean, if it is not clear that after the new station on the line, will be released before the contents of the old station, which is not in the new old content, so it will produce 404 error, so this is a lot of friends asked why the website included the previous content, for this problem as soon as possible please do 404. There is a little even before the old domain name all the data even when the search engine clean, but can not guarantee that no old station outside of the chain in other online sites, because there may be any site in the Internet may have occurred before the old URL, for these URL search engines will climb go, once access does not exist on the possible problem 404.


is to ensure that there is no page not only returns the 404 page is also 404 code, because only 404 return code to search engine recognition there is no content. This problem in many cases appeared in some of the virtual host, before I met. Then check the page though to see the error page, but with the tools of an inspection found that the return is 200, so I also suggest that you do after 404 must use tools to check the return code is correct and.

web site to set up 404 things should be paid attention to:

under what circumstances the need for 404, can be roughly divided into the following three points:


The new

website is sometimes very difficult to avoid, if changes in revision of the website column directory, delete or some previous contents, then the corresponding previously indexed pages do not have the same URL to point to the case will also produce 404. In fact, produced in the website of 404 is one of the most, for the best way to deal with this situation is to change URL content corresponding to the content of the 301 old, then do 404 set.

The new

website to make 404 is to avoid troubles, can be said as long as it is a website needs to have 404 pages, because sometimes we cannot avoid dead, even without the death of 404 well is good for prevention.

It is important to note that The

has recently been a friend asked me how to do the 404, what is the role of what needs attention? I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry also has many years before, in the company to help customers processing projects will encounter many such problems. I put some on site 404 problems of their own experience tell us about.

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