A5 optimization team search engine optimization FAQ three

webmaster site optimization, have encountered all kinds of problems and do not know how to start? In the first two chapters A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) for the owners to answer twenty common optimization problems, this chapter will continue for ten common optimization webmaster faq.
A: search engine is against foreign server?
often have the stationmaster, after the site to hang a few ads on the search engine right down, it is not allowed to search engine website advertising? A5 optimization team that is likely to be due to advertising including malicious behavior, such as indirect horse caused. So, Adsense advertising also need to pay attention to the other site is safe, legal, and advertising. Another point to note is that detection of network security, to avoid the site was linked to horse and cause unnecessary right down.
due to various reasons, many websites encountered more appropriate domain name in the later period, so the website domain name change. But the problem is coming, many owners think the replacement of the domain name is tantamount to re build a website. But the A5 optimization team believes that the right to replace the domain, can make the weight transfer to keep the old domain name. Continue to maintain the old domain name resolution, at least 180 days more than 2, the old domain name 301 redirect to the new domain name. 3, the replacement of all website URL address. Do the above points, even if the opening of the new domain name website will also get a lot of old domain name weight.
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