talk to some websites implement Shanghai dragon self feeling

The general idea of


2, website design Shanghai Dragon:

first, in the face of a senior people called themselves the Shanghai dragon, just need to ask a simple question: what is the full name of Shanghai dragon English? If he cannot answer, sorry, please don’t call a senior Shanghai dragon, or then specializes in what to say! Today I talk about some websites to implement Shanghai Longfeng feelings, not because experience is not universal way, can only be said to be the optimization results from performance to see the results of search engine website real.

universal: Shanghai dragon English full name is search engine optimization, Chinese stands for search engine optimization, it belongs to a part of SEM, SEM and engine English full name is search marketing, Chinese stands for search engine marketing.

first is Shanghai Longfeng related data in the main carrier Chinese Shanghai dragon is love Shanghai, we say that as long as the result can reflect the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai love the first 3 pages, can bring visitors free basic good, so our results mainly refers to the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai 360 search and search. Sogou and soso have not said the decline. According to the authoritative statistical agency CNZZ data show that in March 2014, Shanghai love search market share of 58.76%, ranked second in the 360 search market share of 25.41%, Sogou (including soso) market share is only 12.58%, while Google, Microsoft Bing search software market share of less than 6%. The main reason is the success of the 360 search it beat the Sogou browser to become the default browser for most computer users, and 360 security guards will be installed on the 360 browser to you inadvertently, I saw a lot of rookie white computer users computer is fast installation of the system installed computer city gohots, which integrates the 360 browser white, rookie you will use it to search.

is not recommended to design the website program with CMS system or dynamic program or database, recommend the use of static pages of old, all hand frame of each page of "the one and only one.

love Shanghai search results Fanshou for clouds, rain cover for the hand, for the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon Er all the time in the sea surf, but personally feel that there are several points as Shanghai dragon skeleton, in order not to be loved in Shanghai K away or abandoned.

1, suggest no website enterprise immediately registered the domain name and website, a long time domain name is a strong pillar, it can ensure you enjoy after the ranking of happiness, maybe now you can’t see what is good, but the domain name and the website of an age long is one of love Shanghai search trust conditions.


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