Grasp the three heavy conversion website marketing advantage

flow is not necessarily sold, why? Because there is no mass flow, the flow can convert to sales, is still the root of the construction site itself. Many of the construction site, due to the mistake of the website optimization method, long time to bring a lot of words unrelated to the core keywords ranking, but these words and target keywords correlation is not strong, although there is considerable traffic, but the quality is not high, naturally not what sales. There is a problem, the development of domain DNS, web hosting and web application, causing the user has not yet fully open the site, has.

(shown here in Shanghai love to enter the " professional website construction; " after keywords rosy effect)

if the business has no website, at least to the intuitive feeling of the poor strength of the company, after all, with the further development of Internet application, which also lack the website? But the function of the website has not only limited to the publicity, but to effectively integrate the corporate culture, the concept of enterprise value transfer. The enterprise website in enhancing the image of the packaging enterprises at the same time, should also help the marketing concept, marketing website is put forward based on this idea. Now many companies have proposed the construction of website marketing, website marketing is the essence of ancillary products and services sales, rather than the mall site is understood as a marketing website. The success of the marketing website, must be able to dig the potential users, "visitors into customers, traffic into sales".

a conversion: rank is converted to

first, fresh headlines written is essential to know what customers expect, what’s the title of the most attractive. Expression is the same, just a few words how to highlight the advantages? Is a problem worthy of deep thinking. Secondly, whether for promotion or natural optimization, in the title and website content description in the implant core words are indispensable. This is to optimize, but also to attract more attention, because the keywords retrieval, these words are implanted to show gains across the board. In the current search engine in most other cool colors to black and blue show search results, red keywords naturally more likely to win more eye-catching attention.


a lot of people will be equivalent to the website optimization, website ranking search engine marketing, although in fact related or not the same. The website search engine optimization and good performance, only the successful implementation of a front-end search engine marketing. And said to the website optimization, even Adwords, many websites also describe the ideas of failure. Not attractive enough to retain customers, not the transfer of attention. The website in search engine performance, the removal of TITTLE and DESCRIPTION and the domain name, no other information, so the optimization of the title and the content description has become the starting point for improving the degree of concern.

double conversion: the flow into the quality of


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