Recovery is down right targeted website ranking is the key

two, serious remedy, according to love Shanghai algorithm an antidote against the disease

causes right down

love Shanghai carried out the website drop right punishment doesn’t give any notice about what reasons, it can only rely on their own website to analyze the various factors to self-examination, the search may cause this kind of punishment, which is the prerequisite and key to implement remedial measures. In general, there are several most prone to problems: 1. contents: a large collection of highly repetitive content were determined to love Shanghai station may lead to drop right; 2. Links: Links in the website if there is love Shanghai punishment, may lead to their implicated and hit down the right; 3.: the chain chain number if in a short period of time change radically is often by mass software group, soft after it is released by a large number of lead may be deleted, as the object of study is to investigate whether giving the right down there was cheating. The elements of the site for several reasons involved is often the cause of love to give Shanghai the site to drop right punishment problem, careful analysis of whether there is a similar problem to find their own website, find out the direction for the implementation of the next step.

object is the key to solving the site is down right, this seemingly simple words in fact consists of all solutions: "some" means to find out why the website is punished right down, find out the specific problems may lead to this situation; "put" is to solve these problems, according to love Shanghai’s new algorithm rules match, and make the appropriate remedial measures, in order to restore the site in a short time ranking. Specifically, when we encounter love Shanghai site was down the right punishment, should be targeted from the following three aspects:

through self analysis and find the reasons, there are the most likely to find the Site Guide >


in the face of this situation, some owners want to love Shanghai theory but this idea is not destined to reality. Correct attitude and method only recognize the reality, after all, love the practice of Shanghai has obtained in accordance with the rules of the algorithm basis, and not without any cause or reason make punishment. The webmaster should do is to accept the reality, consider how to identify problems quickly, be targeted, an antidote against the disease is the key to solve the problem, solve more quickly more can reduce the loss and influence, make the website to enter the development track.

, a serious self-examination, to find out the possibility of

is such a joke in the webmaster circle: ask the webmaster to get up every day and what is the first thing? Not to wear clothes on the toilet?!?! what is that? The answer is: See rankings and included love Shanghai! Although seemingly nonsensical, but in reality reflects most of the individual owners, to love Shanghai really care about the rankings and included has become a compulsory course every day are most concerned about. However, even if the us to have enthusiasm and concern, love Shanghai but occasionally make big moves to your site drop right, site keywords ranking straight down to every webmaster heartache.

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