Shanghai dragon industry in the eyes of the public what

recently read a lot of peer blog, uneven quality. Some people write a very professional, some people are writing speak generally. But on their own position, master who always said he is not master, rookie always brags about how much.

see a novice speech: that the so-called Shanghai dragon master, the chain is the master, can in a short period of time produced a lot of links to people. This is my nature is a smile, but thinking of a turn, a new understanding of Shanghai dragon industry, can also be said to the public understanding of Shanghai dragon in this industry, the so-called Shanghai dragon, in the eyes of everyone "". Posting, blog, link network garbage maker.

Shanghai Dragon Technology? The answer I can say is 100%, but this technique can play a big role? Different sites are not the same, the analysis of those cases seen Zac’s book, he seems to have those who plan, not involved in many technical information. It is modified by title, URL and so on. But in fact, this is a no Shanghai dragon website, these changes can have significant effects, but has been optimized for a website, how to improve? When your competitors did you? How to improve? The more high-end, technical requirements are also higher, page the loading speed of 0.1 seconds, you may be the opportunity; others less chanceage signal-to-noise ratio 10%, perhaps is your chance; the relevant page of high degree of polymerization, perhaps is your chance; users stay for a long time, perhaps is your chance.

why some companies must have qualifications requirements, if the strength of the people are not educated, that everyone can not read. There are highly educated people, with many things, vision is relatively open. (some case. Maybe he is not at the beginning) >

Shanghai dragon has been one and a half years, with the deep, Shanghai dragon is an edge discipline, not to say that it is not important, but it involves too light in every field is in the edge, but involves a number of areas. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er programming, will be the art, management server, but few of the top developer, designer, system-admin. Even some people of Shanghai Dragon technology are not so familiar with, just good at management, management with more talented person, also can do a good job in Shanghai dragon.

from the top view, a lot of things has been involved in the front end, database, user experience in many fields, if you just stay in the entry, even heard that position, you can only use the technology of Shanghai dragon to an ordinary, not Shanghai Longfeng sites. The real competitive field, you will find that your thinking is blocked, you feel my title, URL, included are solved ah, how much do you flow or not, no more advice, this is you in the technical aspects of the obstacles.

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