The website links to love Shanghai jump black chain investment will be invalid

station network (admin5贵族宝贝) January 18th news: today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued a statement, saying the recent part of the site using the Shanghai black chain link love to jump on, the way will be invalid. And to remind the owners not to follow this way to escape the black chain processing. Remind the webmaster to site security issues, conduct regular safety monitoring.

use love dance in Shanghai link to the black chain running example:

, according to a recent inspection found that many sites have been linked to the black chain problem, once again remind the webmaster friends, please pay attention to the safety of the site, regular inspection of the site. The recent love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will also launch the site of abnormal reminders, will promptly inform the black chain website, website to help quickly locate and solve this kind of problem. At the same time, the system will also reduce the evaluation on the use of black chain site.

webmaster friends, Hello!

recent attention to some webmaster friends to give us feedback, some sites are put on the black chain by using love Shanghai jump links, so as to avoid the black chain, we hereby declare that it will not play any role, remind webmaster friends don’t follow, so as to avoid loss of net station.

In addition The announcement is as follows:

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