Analysis of why love Shanghai first included not take www home instead of taking www home

determine the domain name of the website, the next focus is on domain name redirection settings. First of all, in the web site before the server root directory upload the robots.txt file to shield the spiders crawl the web site when it needs to be built in the jump, if you want to do with the redirection of the top-level domain name it will take WWW to www. On the other hand, you need to do the opposite adjustment. Secondly, is the need to set the preferred site management tools inside domain.

summary: why my website is not included with the WWW home page this is a hot problem! Also some new problems often encountered in the Shanghai white dragon to share three points so important for all to learn, I hope the friends also encountered similar problems.

site needs to strengthen the construction of the chain

home page? the selected domain name

first when we believe, we should establish our main domain name is a domain name with which to the site, and then optimize, we usually buy the domain name is the top-level domain name (e.g. admin5贵族宝贝), but most of the time we will choose a WWW two domain name (e.g. www.admin5贵族宝贝). Optimize. Then determine the good domain name down after we will proceed to the next step, to set about the domain name.

home page?

complete 301 directional, then we have to choose for the domain name of the website of the construction of the chain. Site collected first without www "is the most likely in the web site before the online or used the domain name left without WWW chain resources. This is a recent white problem found when a new station (pictured)

two, do 301 redirect


why my website is not included with the WWW

Hello, I am Shanghai white dragon, because recently busy for a long time did not share with you some knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, recent white Internet, there are always some new friends in Shanghai Longfeng asked about website problems, I love Shanghai it does have a lot of people on the site included there are still some doubts, here I come to share with you about why I love Shanghai included site without www but not included with the WWW

, a website with the domain name

new love Shanghai contains only a WWW without home, therefore, strengthen the construction of the chain of the domain name is a necessary work, such a new collection will be normal. If this is not done, there will be included in the search engine website without www but not included with the WWW home page, but this is not what big problem, do the above, estimates about 1 weeks will be back to normal.

web site


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