When love website snapshot into Shanghai and new action



home page snapshot sina贵族宝贝.cn:

Shanghai dragon is a very complicated matter for each webmaster friends every day, in addition to the site every possible care, also need some change alert love Shanghai algorithm. As a Shanghai dragon, every morning to open the computer, the first thing to do is to check their own course web site optimization, see all aspects of what changes, in addition to the Admin5 station network, Chinaz is my every day on the website; every webmaster friends for their own site index are very seriously, from the key the most simple ranking changes to the website snapshot site, the number of the chain and so on, of course the most important purpose is to let his words have a good ranking, this is the most want to see the results.

this day Shanghai should have a relatively large update, most website snapshot became No. 29. A high weight website snapshot is usually the next day, for example, today is May 30, 2011, May 29, 2011 is a snapshot of the site, but you have not seen a website snapshot of the day is? For example, today is 30, and the website snapshot is 30, this day finds such a surprise surprise, a website snapshot of the day:

for those high weight website did not change the snapshot, only shows the same change of an algorithm is not love in Shanghai. As for the abnormal results of a web site, is also love Shanghai server issue? As we all know, some time ago a keyword is some sort of chaos, Shanghai love their own products, such as Shanghai, Shanghai know love love love Shanghai Post Bar encyclopedia, etc.; the other is that some directory sites within the page however, by the time of the day, love Shanghai soon keywords ranking, now this phenomenon is also a sign of love Shanghai algorithm changes?



: the inflatable toys (贵族宝贝huayiqimo贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please add this link, thank you for your cooperation!

was not believe their study, then find a few high weights of the site to see their snapshot of what is, the result is May 29, 2011.

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