Shanghai dragon Combat new day submitted included method

second step, through the collection of good drainage

love Shanghai

why I only said to love Shanghai. Submit new search engine, the other search engines will not submit? No, of course not, although the 360 and love Shanghai recently in a war of words, but also look rujiaosiqi, I do not think the 360 will therefore become one of the mainstream domestic search engine market jumped, love Shanghai the search engine is still a big brother, is still the domestic search engine’s dominance, as to who is the mainstream in the future, where it is not you I should care about the problem; it is the market share is the largest, loyal users is far beyond the other search engines, so new to love Shanghai, other search engines will along with the gradually included, among which 360 is the fastest.

for beginners Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel, new sites included is a troublesome thing, in charge of watching, he is anxious, may also be a boss; so the website included rapidly became a urgent issue for them, according to the author’s experience, the author thinks that it is necessary pay attention to the following points:

network promotion novice, really do not know how to carry out the work, regardless of the video, YY open class, online knowledge, or book knowledge, novice look all have a way of network promotion personnel powerlessness, some things must be experienced guide, this process is more depressed and surprise must have a lot of network promotion personnel; this has deep memory, so this article on Shanghai Longfeng experienced personnel, all useful no, is suitable for novice.


as everyone knows, the new sites online submission included is a problem the author is also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, encountered similar problems, the author in this year’s work, have also experienced some optimization of the site, according to some experience, I recently figured out a new station on the line, the fastest submission is included, the slowest is included three or three days later; of course before taking up a new site, I also encountered the new sites included the problem of slow, but it is not known for the premise, as we all know, just beginning to do network promotion optimization, a lot of things just some information in books and online to see; in fact, many are the same, after all is the implementation of effective methods.

this step actually is the key, because the last step I only love Shanghai recommendations to the search engine, so this step is to lay the foundation of the above, provide a guiding role for the new station on the line, but also for the drainage of spiders; for the domestic seconds of several forums, there is the laggards forum, A5 forum, forum, search 28 push and push the forum, the forum is one of the representatives of the network marketing industry, the post is seconds, presumably a lot of people optimization promotion cannot do without them, the author is the same. But not too much, it will set himself on fire.

Forum The first step of

, the new web site to submit

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