Search engine optimization big temper gradually should follow

warning: the old station chain, excluding Diaojia

recently updated website search engine will love some snapshots of the site year correction, little correction to 2010, the author of a Links snapshot is back to February 2003. But after observation, have a common characteristic, it is rapidly diminishing love Shanghai included. Why is this so? The usual snapshot is once a day, but now it is so embarrassed. I think there are two reasons for this phenomenon are: A: the site has recently been frequently attacked, causing the server of extreme instability. B: the replacement of IP server. Before replacing the server IP, or web sites are frequently attack most also is the snapshot for about a month, but now from the search engine’s attitude, it is to further strengthen the depth rule. With the recent Ministry of industry policy and so on, may be part of the implementation of the Ministry in which to strengthen the audit depth of the site, at the same time for this site assessment period also increased.

two warning: snapshot serious correction, included reducing


for the first two here but do much that always affect the ranking server stability and development of the website, the website is linked to the horse is one of its drawbacks. According to the analysis of search engine website fluctuation and recent updates, search engine may carry on data redundancy cleanup. The index information page for some outside the chain of low quality data, the chain has been removed or changed to delete, to ease the pressure on the server. Another site is down right, because there may be caused by the phenomenon of cheating, and now through technology upgrades, rules of rewriting, found the problem after the search engine ranking again shuffle, to punish these sites.

analysis of the search.

with love Shanghai 520 event, whether it is Shanghai dragon er or webmaster feel more invisible pressure. Nearly a month since the precursory love Shanghai does not follow the routine updates will undoubtedly give webmasters Fengyuyulai. In these days, a lot of old website ranking in decline, some of the new on-line near site has got more search engine attachment, some sites even after a few hours will be included on the line. This one can not help but have a change in the rules, there are a lot of people say, optimization difficult. Really? In fact, just deal with the search engine optimization homeopathy. The reason is because the traditional optimization method has many shortcomings, in the search engine rules often can also take advantage of loopholes and general search engine rankings, but also to do the recently be furious a warning.

a long time operation site, when good in keyword rankings with the chain, if suddenly encountered a chain of hundreds of thousands of shrink, try Diaojia keyword page. There are four reasons: A: the server is not stable enough. B: the site is caused by the horse. C: past or present cheating. D: the chain of low quality

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