first_imgHendersons first home, 41 Arthur St.MERMAID Beach’s real estate heavy weights, the Hendersons have sold their childhood property. The Professionals Mermaid Beach bosses Luke and brother Andrew Henderson sold 1/41 Arthur St, for $1.088 million. The property from their childhood has been developed into stylish villas. Hendersons first home, 41 Arthur St.The real estate and horse racing identities who once called the property home said a lot has changed in Mermaid Beach since they lived at the beachside block. “The villa sits on the site where our bedrooms used to be,’’ Andrew Henderson said. “We were very young when we lived there but I clearly remember it being an older style, two storey home.“The difference between the home that we grew up in and these villas is just enormous.”More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North7 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoHendersons first home, 41 Arthur St.Luke Henderson said his father originally sold their childhood home in the late 70s for a bigger block at 19 Seagull Ave.“I was probably a year old at the time but dad needed more space to raise three boys, so we moved a street over.”The brothers said they spent their weekends at Nobby Beach competing in the surf lifesaving carnivals or riding their bicycles around the suburb while their father John Henderson conducted open houses in the area.“A lot has changed in the area since then with a lot of the older homes being replaced bynewer homes over the past 10 years,” Andrew Henderson said.“There are not too many of the original buildings left because people have realised the value of the area and the opportunity to renovate existing dwellings.“The amount of building activity we have seen in the suburb over the past three years hasbeen incredible and we haven’t seen anything like this since before the Global FinancialCrisis.“The level of confidence in the market is fantastic and it is terrific to see the suburb beingtransformed.”Meanwhile, their brother David Henderson is trying to find a buyer for his mega-mansion at 187-191 Hedges Ave listed for $17.250 million through Kollosche Prestige agents and Luke Henderson from the Professionals.last_img read more

first_img Published on February 15, 2016 at 8:31 pm Syracuse (18-8, 8-5 Atlantic Coast) has now won eight of its last nine games and faces a tough test in No. 18 Louisville (19-6, 8-4), who self-imposed an NCAA Tournament ban. The Orange finishes the season with two home games and two away games after it plays the Cardinals. With ACC play winding down, beat writers Sam Blum, Jesse Dougherty and Matt Schneidman discuss three questions surrounding Syracuse basketball.1. Which games left on Syracuse’s schedule are must-wins and why?Sam Blum: It’s important that Syracuse wins three of its last five games to put itself in great position to not only be a lock for the NCAA Tournament, but also have favorable seeding and possibly the (always feared) double-bye in the ACC tournament. Syracuse must win at home against North Carolina State. The Orange is stockpiling good wins, but a bad loss like that does a lot of damage. Then they really must win either at home against Pittsburgh or on the road at Florida State. Three out of five would be nice, but two out of five is a must.Jesse Dougherty: The only must-win games left for Syracuse are against Pittsburgh and N.C. State, which are the two home games left on the schedule. After that, I don’t think the Orange “has to” beat any of Louisville, North Carolina and Florida State on the road, although a win over the Seminoles would help avoid any tournament-bid question marks.Matt Schneidman: In order to solidify a bid to the NCAA Tournament, I think Syracuse has to win three of its last five games. That would mean matchups against Pittsburgh, N.C. State and Florida State are must-wins since games against Louisville and North Carolina are acceptable losses, at least moreso than the others. None of the final five games on the Orange’s regular season schedule would be considered “bad losses” because even N.C. State (who sits 3-10 in conference) has arguably the most talented player in the league in Anthony “Cat” Barber. But the home stretch of the season is when a team like Syracuse, one that’s straddling the bubble even if it’s on the good side as of now, can’t afford any sort of loss to a team it should beat.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text2. The last time Syracuse severely lost the rebounding battle was against Pittsburgh (-18). Is SU’s improvement on the boards the new normal for the Orange?S.B.: It’s as though the answer to that question is in the question itself. It certainly is one of the most underrated aspects of Syracuse’s success, and better rebounding has coincided with more wins. But better rebounding has also coincided with better defense. And better defense typically means more missed shots, which means more chances to get defensive rebounds. But this team, as Jim Boeheim said on Monday, is gradually getting better in almost every aspect. It’s been a fun evolution to watch.J.D.: It’s really hard to judge rebounding success, especially because so much of it is tied to how many shots Syracuse’s opponents are missing (which has been more and more as the zone has tightened up in the last month or so). But it does seem that the Orange is an improved team on the glass, and you’d have to think that Dajuan Coleman is going to continue to be a big factor on the defensive glass since his absences have coincided with a lot of the Orange’s “rough” rebounds stretches. Coleman doesn’t necessarily have to be grabbing the rebounds himself, but having his strength and size in the middle of the zone goes a long way in helping his teammates get the job done on the defensive glass.M.S.: Syracuse has outrebounded its opponents in eight of the last 10 games, so yes, it’s definitely become the new normal. The days of being outrebounded by double digits are gone and Wisconsin’s +26 margin on the glass in SU’s first loss of the season seems like eons ago. The key to this turnaround has been Tyler Lydon, who has asserted himself as a physical presence on the interior. Sure, he’s still getting pushed around on occasion (see: Boston College’s Dennis Clifford taking him off the dribble on back-to-back possessions) but starting with a nine-rebound performance against Duke and Marshall Plumlee, the SU freshman has nicely complemented his expanding offensive game with more of a reinforcement to Tyler Roberson down low.3. Matt Milon is just the latest player to hurt SU without much of a history of high scoring. Why does that frequently happen and will it hurt Syracuse down the stretch?S.B.: Everyone is going to have a career night some night. I know that the rhetoric is that Syracuse always gives up big games to unknowns, but I’d be willing to bet it doesn’t happen to SU more than it does anyone else. The Orange is always a team that is subject to get burned by outside shooters. It literally always combats that problem by extending the zone. It’s like Boeheim lulls teams into a sense of confidence, and then takes that away. Milon made one 3-pointer in the second half. So clearly there’s a way to stop the bleeding when necessary.J.D.: Let’s get something straight: Weird players lighting up the scoreboard is not a “Syracuse thing.” It’s a “college basketball thing.” Even further than that, it’s a “sports thing.” Teams logically prepare for the other team’s best players and, in turn, unlikely scorers, or heroes if you will, show up in box scores across college basketball every night. With that said, Milon scored 25 points for Boston College with the Orange held the Eagles’ best scorer, Eli Carter, to seven points while making just 2-of-9 shots. Yes, it’s never good to let any player to score 25 points, but SU shut down the player that BC runs its offense through and a 14-point win was the result.M.S.: From T.J. Sorrentine in the first round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament to Milon on Sunday, it seems that some no-name sharpshooter always gets the best of the Syracuse zone. Don’t buy into the myth. It’s how the zone works. Some shooters will get hot and buy real estate from beyond the stretches of the zone and hit a couple in a row. It happened with Pittsburgh’s Lamar Patterson two years ago and it happens with bigger-name players than ones like Milon. The less popular names just stand out more and it’s fun for everyone to pick them out. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

first_imgThere are simply other obstacles that makes it harder for women to prove themselves in esports. Short term women need female tournaments in order to dare competing. We know by experience that many women do not compete in unisex tournaments out of fear of harassment. Female only tournaments can help women get self esteem enough to dare moving on to unisex tournaments and investing in a career in esports.Esports Insider says: This seems a great initiative and good to see Female Legends get the backing it deserves for an honourable goal. Best of luck to the organisation going forward and we’ll check back in down the line to see what progress has been made! The second goal is to achieve a bigger understanding for esports, especially among parents and teachers. Our third goal is to show that esports need a higher degree of organisation, like “regular” sports. There should be clubs where you can go practice (like soccer, tennis or whatever). We think that this will contribute to a better online climate, since leaders are needed in esports as well as in other sports.ESI: Thoughts on female only tournaments and competitions? In the short term and long term?Liza: Short term good, long term not good. Esports can be played by (almost) anyone, and there is no difference between men and women that makes either group better at esports. In the project we will work with esports camps for females aged 13-26 years. Our objective is to get girls networking and improving in esports, while we at the same time investigate what parameters are influencing why so many girls stop playing esports in their early teens, and what obstacles they meet. We are also focusing on educating about esports, especially for parents and people working with children and teenagers. This will be achieved by three educational conferences with focus on esports and improving the culture on the internet.ESI: What does success look like for this project, what exactly are the goals?Liza: The first goal is to collect our experiences within and outside of the project and write a handbook to make esports more inclusive and equal. Liza Lind, Female LegendsThe Swedish organisation Female Legends has announced a sizable 5 million SEK (£423,000) investment with a view to getting more women involved in esports across the board. As reported by Esportsare, the project, titled ‘Future of e-sports’, is aimed at creating a safe and more inclusive space with more diversity to enable more girls and women to play games and develop their skills with a view to them becoming esports stars of the future. The funding has been provided by Swedish Arvsfonden, or Swedish Inheritance Fund, is a state fund which has existed since 1928, the aim being to support non-profits and voluntary organisations to improve conditions for children, young people and the disabled. Female Legends will be collaborating with fellow Swedish gaming organization Sverok, University of Skövde and computer store Inet who will be supplying 45 computers for the project.Liza Lind, Chairwoman of Female Legends, detailed in the press release about this news that esports is one of the few sports where men and women are on an equal footing. Despite this, there is a decline in girls playing games when they hit their teenage years in contrast to boys. This project wants to change that. Lind said: “For a long time, we’ve seen the problems that exist for women in e-sport and we are happy that more organizations are starting to understand this and wants to work preventively against this.” Hans Andersson from Arvsfonden added: “Female Legends project “The future of e-sports” is a good example of how you can include and engage children and young people. All around Sweden, there are many good ideas but often there’s a lack of funds. That’s why Arvsfonden exists.”Female Legends boasts over 1600 members; it runs bootcamps and educational conferences all targeted at getting more women into esports and improve the environment for those already involved.We were able to speak to Liza Lind. Here is an exclusive Q&A with Esports Insider:-ESI: This is a sizable investment, can you give us more details as to how you’ll be using the money to bring this project to life?Liza Lind: First of all we will have three people working full time with this project, which will give us the possibility to really accelerate Female Legends as an organisation. We can now do a lot more! last_img read more

first_imgUK Government could abolish civil partnerships after latest rulingAsk the Lawyer: Should we get a civil partnership or a marriage?Gay couple’s marriage declared ‘void’ by Greek Supreme CourtRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : ‘It is outrageous that the government was unwilling to legislate equality and that this couple were forced to go to court to get a basic human right – the right to be treated equally in law.‘It was never fair that same-sex couples had two options, civil partnerships and civil marriages, whereas opposite-sex partners had only one option, marriage.’Supreme Court rules in favor of straight couples who want civil partnershipsThe five Supreme Court justices formally declared the ban preventing opposite-sex couples from obtaining a civil partnership was ‘incompatible with their human rights’ and ‘amounted to discrimination’.‘The interests of the community in denying those different-sex couples who have a genuine objection to being married, the opportunity to enter into a civil partnership are unspecified and not easy to envisage,’ their ruling said.‘In contrast, the denial of those rights for an indefinite period may have far-reaching consequences for those who wish to avail themselves – and who are entitled to assert them – now.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . The Supreme Court in the UK has ruled that restricting civil partnerships to gay couples is wrong. GAYSTARNEWS- A straight couple filed suit to claim they had suffered discrimination.Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, from west London, had claimed they did not wish to be married as they viewed it as ‘patriarchal’ and ‘sexist’.The couple had previously lost earlier legal challenges at both the High Court and Court of Appeal.Steinfeld said: ‘Personally, we wish to form a civil partnership because that captures the essence of our relationship and values. Civil partnerships are a modern social institution conferring almost identical legal rights and responsibilities as marriage, but without its history and social expectations.‘We don’t think there is sufficient justification for stopping us or other opposite-sex couples from forming civil partnerships.’Peter Tatchell, veteran human rights campaigner, said: ‘The ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships was discrimination and a violation of human rights.center_img Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld want a civil partnership. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us)last_img read more