first_imgSA national brand custodian and Tourism body launch invigorating 2010 marketing campaignToday The International Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa launched its 2010 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign that celebrates two global football spectaculars. The campaign is engineered to ignite the nation and the continent behind both the FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the global football spectacular and South Africa’s status as the first African host nation.The campaign is a collaboration between the International Marketing Council (custodian of the South African national brand); South African Tourism (destination marketing organisation); and the 2010 Organising Committee (custodians of the 2010 FIFA World CupTM event).These organisations had their South Africa and African 2010 World Cup™ campaign launch today at the 30th annual Tourism INDABA in Durban. The central campaign theme is that this is Africa’s World Cup™. South Africa hosts it on behalf of the continent.The IMC/South African Tourism/OC collaboration will provide a holistic approach to marketing the World Cup. The domestic focus is to celebrate the active involvement of South Africans in the 2010 event. The campaign gives South Africans ideas on what they can do to prepare themselves to welcome the world next year, and be warm, hospitable and generous hosts.At the heart of the Africa campaign is an invitation for Africa to unite and rally behind the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, while the domestic focus is on celebrating ordinary South Africans as champions who will make the 2010 event a reality and a stunning success. Both campaigns celebrate Africa’s passion for football. This celebration drives excitement for a football championship that is going to be colorful, vibrant, intoxicating and alive with a fusion of cultures, dance, song and music.There will also be an extensive online campaign component that includes a web site, online social networking and mobisites to complement the television commercials. An extensive global editorial and public relations campaign is also in place.“The campaign is uniquely South African. It exudes warmth, is inspirational,involving and makes you feel proud. The campaign is about celebration, solidarity and it encapsulates the African and South African spirit of Ubuntu,” says Paul Bannister, IMC acting Chief Executive Officer.The campaign was launched domestically at INDABA today with an invitation to the nation to learn the diski dance and to start feeling the excitement that’s burgeoning all over the world for the biggest showcase of capability and hospitality in the history of the country.“From the onset, we have said that this World Cup does not belong to South Africa alone, but to all of Africa. In developing a communication campaign specifically targeting this aspect, and communicating in a manner that is widely appreciated, fun and contagious, we are firmly positioning this event and the host continent as alive and vibrant,” says, South African Tourism acting CEO Didi Moyle.Says Bannister: “It’s time for citizens, guests, fans and the world to start to celebrate the 2010 World Cup with passion and with enthusiasm. We believe that this campaign will begin to ignite the nation. South Africa is going to generate and have fun. If we host this event to the very best of our ability and show the world real South African hospitality the country and the continent will benefit enormously, and the World Cup will be the springboard that it has always promised to be. Ke Nako -it really is time for this continent to celebrate and deliver to the world the spectacular party and celebration it’s been waiting for.”Moyle: “INDABA was the perfect place to launch the campaign as it is one of the largest travel trade shows in the world. Attended by national and international media, tourism bodies and industry stakeholders, the exhibition offers the ideal platform to show that we are ready and excited to welcome and host 2010 visitors.”The adverts will start flighting in South Africa on May 11 on numerous television channels. The campaign also launches this week on the continent.For more information, please go to and to by FD Beachhead on behalf of South African Tourism For further information contact:Margaret Dingalo – Brand South AfricaTel: +27 11 403 0122Mobile: 083 390 8584Email: margaretd@brandsouthafrica.comWebsite: www.brandsouthafrica.comLebo Zulu – FD BeachheadTel: +27 11 214 2404Mobile: 076 716 6677Email: Lebo.Mbuso@fd.comlast_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Presented by: Agro-Culture Liquid FertilizersSee results from the I-71 Route of the 2015 Ohio Crop Tour for Day #1See results from the I-75 Route of the 2015 Ohio Crop Tour for Day #1See results from the I-75 Route of the 2015 Ohio Crop Tour for Day #2See results from the I-71 Route of the 2015 Ohio Crop Tour for Day #2Medina County Corn Summary: For the initial stop of the 2015 Ohio Crop Tour for the I-71 route we found a decent corn field. The only thing that will hurt this field’s potential is the 23,000 population. You will also see in the pictures below that there were some spots that were a little more wet over the growing season and those ears were still developing due to a later planting date. Disease was seldom seen here with a little gray leaf spot below the ear. This is a fair to good field that will yield, according to our estimates, about 160 bushels to the acre. Soybean Summary: This soybean field had quite a bit of variability in terms of pod counts and canopy height. which ranged from 28 to 34 inches high. Dirt is very dry here now and the roots were breakin off easily. Again weed, disease and pest pressures were minimal, but the rain has affected this field mid-season. We don’t make yield guesses in beans on this tour, but we do use a rating system from Very Poor to Excellent and we give this field a Good rating. Medina Co. cornMedina Co. cornMedina Co. soybeansMedina Co. soybeans Wayne CountyCorn Summary: This corn field was much farther along that in Medina County. Population was good, but this field was getting low on N. We noticed some Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Gray Leaf Spot, but the most severe cases were below the ear leaf. Insect pressure was minimal and ear fill was very good. We estimate this field to be at 174 bushels to the acre.Soybean Summary: This field was much more uniform that the previous stop. Not a lot of disease pressure in this no-till field, but the Japanese Beetles were feeding on this still-flowering soybean field. Canopy height was 32 to 34 inches high and the first node was at the 2 inch area. We rate this soybean field Good to Excellent.Wayne Co. cornWayne Co. cornWayne Co. soybeansWayne Co. soybeans Ashland CountyCorn Summary: Disease pressures were more prevalent in this corn field and firing was occurring well into the field. Stalks were thin and the some stalks did not develop ears. The ears that did develop were irregular with some tip back. All of our stops so far how been in very dry conditions. We met the farmer of this field and he said they have needed rain for close to 3 weeks now. We rate this field are Fair and we estimate a 130 bushel to the acre outcome this fall.Soybean Summary: The dry conditions are causing blooms to abort in this field that was planted the first week of May. These beans were no till planted into last year’s corn stalks and emergence was an issue with some holes throughout. Slug pressure after planting played a role in the struggles of this field. Canopy height was shorter than we’ve seen at 22 inches and we rate this field in the Fair category as well.Ashland Co cornAshland Co cornAshland Co soybeansAshland CoRichland CountyCorn Summary: This corn field was on top of a hill, so no water issues were noticed and it is plenty dry now. The ear fill wasn’t as good as you might have expected by looking at it from the road and some Gray Leaf Spot was evident but very little disease or pest pressures. This corn was in the R3 stage and the planting population will make all of the difference this year. We rate this field as Good with a yield estimate of 172.Soybean Summary: We saw our first signs of frog eye and brown spot in this soybean field. This particular variety was branching out nicely and have a good pod count. Root development was better than we’ve seen todady. Canopy height was 19 inches high and disease pressure was light, pests a little more noticeable. We rate this bean field as Fair to Good.Richland Co cornRichland Co soybeansRichland Co soybeansCrawford CountyCorn Summary: This field was by far our best corn yet. Population was very uniform and this picket fence stand field was very healthy with little to no disease pressure. All we can say about this plot is it is Excellent and would yield guess is 231! The first picture was not the field we sampled, but one that we passed on the way. We just felt it was necessary to show what other fields in the area are going through.Soybean Summary: The field we sampled looked relatively good. Excellent nodualtion and podding with no disease of note and minimal Japanese Beetle feeding. Canopy height was 32 inches and our rating for this field is Good to Excellent.Crawford Co cornCrawford Co cornCrawford Co cornCrawford Co soybeans Wyandot CountyCorn Summary: There is no doubt that this area has seen its fair share of moisture. Disease pressure was all on the lower leaves and stalks were puny. This field, planted on May 14th, is running out of Nitrogen fast. What will make this field respectable is the high population count. All in all a good field of corn calculating at 186 bushels to the acre.Soybean Summary: This May 16th planted field looked great overall as well. The nodulation on these plants were very impressive and some plants were still flowering. Canopy height was anywhere from 28 to 34 inches and the disease and pest pressures were low. A nice number of 4-bean pods. We rate this field as Good.Wyandot Co cornWyandot Co cornWyandot Co beansWyandot Co beans Marion CountyCorn Summary: Nitrogen deficiency was seen in this 20 inch row corn field by undeveloped stalks and underdeveloped ears. Diseases are spared in this field, but insect feeding has left way for some ear rot here. This field was planted on April 29th. This field would rate as fair and we are estimating a 175 bushel yield here.Soybean Summary: This is some nice black dirt and the beans, planted on May 1st, are using up the soil’s potential. The canopy height was some of the best we have seen at 34 inches all across the field. This area just receive rain and if it gets a little more these beans will be really good. Some SDS was noted on the edges. We rate this field Good to Excellent.Marion Co cornMarion Co cornMarion Co soybeansMarion Co soybeans Morrow CountyCorn Summary: This field really surprised us when our calculations came out. As you can see, it is a tall field, but Northern Corn Leaf Blight has made its mark. That may be a good reason for seeing tip back on each sample ear we pulled. We rate this field as fair but our estimate is a solid 189. Hard to imagine what this field would have had if not for the disease pressures.Soybean Summary: The plant health of these taller beans was very good. No disease pressure but we did see some Japanese Beetle pressure. Even though the stalks were tall, with canopies upwards of 40 inches, the plants did not pod all that well. This field is rated Good to Excellent, in our view.Morrow Co cornMorrow Co cornMorrow Co soybeansMorrow Co soybeans Knox CountyCorn Summary: The ear placement on this corn was well above 5 feet and this corn was also tall in stature. These was a little disease pressure and insect feeding on the leaves and on the ears leaving some damage and minor rot. Overall the ear fill was good with only slight tip back. This was a field we rated as Good and our yield calcs come in at 187.Soybean Summary: This was one of, if not the best, bean field we have been in today. The uniformity was remarkable and the canopy was 38 inches high. Fox tail has been killed recently and we did see a leaf or two with a hint of downey mildew. We rate this field as Excellent.Knox Co cornKnox Co cornKnox Co soybeansKnox Co soybeansKnox Co soybeans Licking County Corn Summary: The theme for this field was variability. Some of this field will see the monitor hit 200 and there will be moments of a zero reading. Tile lines were easy to spot here. Nitrogen issues are causing tip back and firing stalks. Most of the GLS was spotted below the ear but all in all this field just received too much moisture. We rate this field Poor to Fair with a yield estimate of 150 bushels.Soybean Summary: From the road these beans look great but looks were deceiving. The stalks were thins and the pod counts were low. Although disease and insects were not present, the high moisture in this area kept these beans from producing early one. The canopy was 26 inches high and the population was 20 to 22. We rate this field Poor to Fair as well.Licking Co cornLicking Co cornLicking Co soybeansLicking Co soybeanslast_img read more

first_imgTrying to add some production value to your film? Add it to the soundtrack with these insights on how to create a blockbuster sound mix.Although Walter Murch is best known as a film editor he is also a legendary sound designer of films like Apocalypse Now, The Godfather Parts 2 & 3 and Cold Mountain to name just a few. One of Walter’s many theories is that the brain can’t really absorb more than about 2.5 layers of sound at any one moment. So when sound mixing its best to isolate and emphasize the specific (2.5) sounds you want the audience to experience, rather than blasting everything at once. In these great sound design and mixing videos hopefully you’ll see some of that same technical and artistic understanding at work.The Sound of Man of SteelIf you’re curious about just how much work goes into a Hollywood blockbuster sound mix then this episode of The SoundWorks Collection will give you a pretty decent idea. Featuring interviews with “re-recording mixer Chris Jenkins, re-recording mixer Frank A. Montaño, supervising sound editor and designer Eric Norris, supervising sound editor and designer Scott Hecker, and dialogue supervisor Kira Roessler.”  It just goes to show that it take a whole team of people to record, edit, mix and finesse every sound effect and note of music. What’s great about this particular episode is some of the insights into the creative ways the sound recordists conjure up a sound from often unlikely elements.Sound Design for AnimationWith animation sound design, nothing comes for free as you have to ‘design everything from the ground up.’ In this second excellent SoundWorks Collection video you can listen through layer by layer all of the individual elements in a scene from Pixar’s new film Monster’s University. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the detail of a scene not only from the choice of sound effects but also the skill of blending them all together to create a harmonious mix rather than a muddy one.Creating Mixes and SubmixesIn this quick tutorial Michael from Film, Sound Colour demonstrates how he sets up and utlizes submixes inside both Logic and Adobe Audition. Submixes essentially allow you to group sound effects into layers and then control those layers as a group. For example – dialogue, music and effects. Understanding and using these will make your more complex mixes much easier to polish.last_img read more

Since the 2001 season, all other QBs have combined for 20 playoff games where they took 50 or more dropbacks and trailed by 10 points or more. They won only twice. The only other quarterback with more than two double-digit comebacks is Russell Wilson, who has won three of the six playoff games where he was down by 10 or more. Also notable on the chart above: Brady’s Super Bowl LI win was the second-largest playoff comeback since 2001, behind only Andrew Luck and the Colts’ 28-point comeback against the Chiefs in a 2014 Wild Card game.It may not settle the issue, but when it comes to questions of Brady’s GOAT-ness — or even questions of his responsibility for the Patriots’ long-running dominance — it’s worth keeping in mind that he isn’t just the most successful postseason quarterback of this millennium, he’s also the most leaned-upon. Whether he was throwing daggers or throwing the occasional pick six, he has ultimately gotten the job done. Tom Brady made a number of great plays in one of the greatest games in NFL history Sunday night, but my favorite by far happened with 2:35 to go in the first half. The Patriots were already in dire straits, down 14 against the Falcons. Brady dropped back on 3rd and 6 and fired low into traffic near the first-down line … into the hands of the Falcons’ Robert Alford, who returned it 82 yards for a pick six. That was a straight-up gunslinger throw — reckless and inaccurate, yes, but trying so hard. The Patriots weren’t going to go down without a fight; Brady would desperately try to throw them out of trouble.Brady ended up taking 67 dropbacks (on 62 passes and five sacks) — the third-highest total in NFL playoff history and the highest since Steve Young had 68 (on 65 passes and three sacks) in a losing effort against Green Bay in 1996. Even for Brady, 67 is a frenzy of passes, but the Patriots have built their playoff dynasty on Brady passing them out of tough spots.The Patriots may never have faced longer odds in a Super Bowl than they did when down 25 in the third quarter last night, but they’ve followed the same formula of having Brady throw, throw and throw them out of trouble many times before. This was the third Super Bowl in which he had more than 50 dropbacks and his second double-digit comeback victory. Since 2001, only three non-Brady Super Bowls have seen a quarterback drop back at least 50 times. Note that Brady has trailed at some point in all seven of his Super Bowl appearances and has won three of the five in which he had more than 40 dropbacks (all other quarterbacks have won three of 12 Super Bowls in which they had more than 40 dropbacks, and all three wins came on fewer than 45 dropbacks). The only other double-digit Super Bowl comeback since 2001 was by Drew Brees, who came back from a 10-point first-quarter deficit to win Super Bowl XLIV in 2010.If Julian Edelman doesn’t make that miracle catch,1Announcers: “That’s a catch.” “My God.” “That’s incredible!” today’s conversation might be a little different, though the Patriots have benefited and suffered from miracles before. Plus, Brady and the Patriots have been hard to put down in any game, not just Super Bowls. Brady has a 5-5 record in all playoff games where he has trailed by double digits — with all 5 wins coming in games he had to pass his way out of2Games where he had more than 50 dropbacks.: read more

first_img March 26, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego City Councilman Scott Sherman says the “SDSU West” initiative, sponsored by “Friends of San Diego State for Mission Valley,” may be illegal.Sherman said the initiative may have violated the education code. If so, the council’s vote to send it to voters may also have been illegal.Related Link: What’s in a name? Why SDSU West’s title may violate education codesWhy has this come up now? Sherman said it came up in a conversation with a friend who dealt with similar issues at UCSD. His job was to reign in people illegally using the UCSD name.The title of the initiative reads “SDSU West Campus Research Center, Stadium and River Park initiative.”Sherman said using the SDSU initials is a violation of the education code.” … which says nobody without permission shall use San Diego State, San Diego State University, SDSU for any political fundraising,” Sherman said.Kim Kilkenney is with the Friends of San Diego State, which sponsored the initiative. He had just come from an event where he and Sherman separately addressed the Lincoln Club.“The material that he passed out has San Diego State’s logo and San Diego State’s name on political material. Are we suggesting this is illegal? No, because it’s a silly issue,” Kilkenney said.Sherman also said the initiative sponsors are using the name to raise funds, and that may be a campaign violation. He sent a letter to the city attorney asking for a legal opinion.He said the city, those who circulated the petition, and those who donated funds may be subject to fines under government codes.Related Link: Former city attorney talks about SDSU West initiative“It says anybody who is guilty of this is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable up to a $1,000 fine, so does that mean everybody who signed is guilty of a misdemeanor anybody who has donated?” Sherman asked.“Our attorneys have looked at his letter and have concluded that it’s a non-issue. … Our attorneys are comfortable with the title and the name of our steering committee,” Kilkenney said. “It’s a distraction. He’d rather attack our campaign on silly issues than talk about the merits, and the merits are how best to use that site.”Sherman goes on to say using the SDSU initiatives is misleading to voters because it implies it’s a San Diego State initiative, not a citizens initiative.Kilkenney said this is of no concern to voters.“What they’re concerned about is how the city of San Diego disposes of one of its most valuable assets,” he said.Then why not simply remove the SDSU name from the title?“Our initiative is filed. It’s a done deal, so that’s not an option,” Kilkenney said. Is the SDSU West initiative illegal? Steve Bosh, Posted: March 26, 2018center_img Steve Bosh Updated: 7:02 PM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Random Toe-tally related stories ‘Yeti’ footprints seen by Indian Army raise ridiculous questions This might be the worst Bigfoot sighting video of all time 1 Yetis and UFOs and sea monsters, oh my! (pictures) Comment On Wednesday, the FBI Records Vault Twitter account brought our attention to an intriguing set of documents involving the agency’s role in a Bigfoot investigation in 1976 and 1977. The collection spans 22 pages of correspondence and newspaper clippings starting with a letter the FBI sent in response to Peter Byrne, director of The Bigfoot Information Center in Oregon. The New York Times profiled Byrne’s work in 1976. He’s a former professional hunter who took up the futile cause of trying to prove Bigfoot is real.fbihairsampleEnlarge ImageThe FBI examined this mysterious hair sample. FBI Byrne asked the FBI to analyze a sample consisting of “15 unidentified hairs and tissue.” Byrne wrote he thought the hairs “may be of importance.” The documents reveal a history of Bigfoot-related letters and memos leading up to the FBI Laboratory agreeing to examine the mystery hair. After a battery of tests and comparisons, the FBI reached a definite conclusion. It was no Bigfoot. The sample came from a creature in the deer family.This no doubt came as a disappointment to Byrne, who’s known for his book The Hunt for Bigfoot. Byrne remains a notable and controversial figure among Bigfoot aficionados. His persistence with the FBI back in the ’70s has gifted us a very entertaining FBI Vault file to enjoy, but we’re still waiting on some hard evidence that shows Bigfoot isn’t just a fantasy. Share your voice In the ’70s, G-men untangled a hairy case. Now you can comb through the archives and brush up on the details. Feargus Cooney/Getty Images Back in the days of bell bottoms, the FBI was willing to entertain the notion that Bigfoot, the mythical giant furry humanoid, might be more than a flight of fancy. The FBI Records Vault is an online Freedom of Information Act Library stocked with thousands of scanned documents covering fascinating and bizarre topics ranging from the Roswell UFO incident to a background investigation of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Tags 13 Photos read more

first_imgDomestic stock indices fell sharply this week hitting a 19-month low on the back of sell-off in global markets, disappointing corporate earnings, depreciating rupee and a decline in crude oil prices.For the week ended 15 January, 2016, the BSE S&P Sensex tumbled 479.29 points to end at 24,455.04, while the 50-share Nifty closed at 7,437.80, down 163.60 points.”There seems to be no respite to the ongoing downtrend. Indices have lost further ground closing lower by more than 2% this week after plunging nearly 5% in the previous week; both the key indices hit their respective 52-week lows during the week amid weak global cues and weakening Indian currency against the US Dollar,” said Amar Ambani, Head of Research, IIFL.Although the Indian markets seemed to have shrugged off the continued slump in Chinese stock markets during the early trading sessions this week, the indices finally succumbed to global sell-off in later sessions.Chinese stock markets failed to stage a rebound despite the measures by the country’s authorities to shore up the sentiment. The country’s benchmark Shanghai Composite closed over 3% lower this week.Besides, weak economic data in China added to worries over the hard landing of the world’s second largest economy.Meanwhile, on the domestic front, the corporate earnings season opened on a weak note after the revenue growth of India’s largest IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for the December quarter missed the analysts’ expectations for the sixth consecutive quarter.Quarterly results from Federal Bank, IndusInd Bank and Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) also disappointed the Street’s expectations.But a silver lining for the markets this week was Infosys’ announcement of upbeat results for the third quarter even as most of the analysts had expected to post a muted growth due to poor seasonal demand. Overall, Infosys shares ended the week about 6% higher compared to 2% fall in the broader markets.”The result season has begun and nothing really in it so far to exude confidence as far as corporate earnings are concerned barring Infosys which delivered better than expected results,” said Ambani.Commodity stocks came under heavy selling pressure due to slowing demand in China. Oil stocks were battered as crude oil plunged to 12-year lows on concerns over impending oil supply from Iran worsening the already oversupplied market.Domestic economic data was a setback for the markets, with Index of Industrial Production (IIP) falling by 3.2% to hit a four-year low in November and retail inflation edging up further in December to 5.6%.The sell-off in equity markets intensified after a resumption of a fall in rupee to two-year low of 67.70 against the US dollar. The rupee had hit a record low of 68.85 in August 2013, when fears over interest rate hike in the US were at peak.last_img read more

first_img Share Cornyn was in serious contention to replace ousted FBI director James Comey, setting off a scramble and speculation around the state over who might succeed him in the U.S. Senate. Cornyn’s announcement came a day after the Washington Post and other media outlets reported that President Donald Trump had disclosed classified information in a recent meeting with Russian officials.When asked by reporters Tuesday afternoon if the information revealed in the Post report led Cornyn to his decision, he said “no.”At first blush, it appeared Cornyn could be an easy bet for Senate confirmation. He is a popular senator who is well-liked among Republicans and less of a lightning rod to Democrats. But the rancor in Washington since the dramatic Comey firing escalated over the last week, to the point that even a congenial figure like Cornyn was considered problematic because he is a partisan Republican. Day by day, most Democrats and at least one Republican senator called for a less political appointee. Trump’s firing of Comey last week set off a firestorm, particularly after Trump confirmed suspicions that the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia played a part in his decision.In the immediate aftermath of the Comey firing, Cornyn appeared reluctant to consider the idea of running the FBI, telling reporters “I’m happy serving my state and my country.”He then sat for an interview for the position on Saturday.That initial change of heart, according to a source familiar with his thinking, was due to his former Senate colleague and friend, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking him to not rule out the job, and out of an interest in stabilizing the FBI and Department of Justice.In the Senate, Cornyn will remain majority whip. And ambitious Texas Republicans will have to wait a while for another shot at the U.S. Senate. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is up for re-election in 2018, but there is little chatter of a strong primary challenger at this point. Cornyn is up for re-election in 2020.  Shelby Knowles for The Texas TribuneU.S. Sen. John Cornyn speaks at the Texas State Rifle Association General Meeting in Round Rock on Feb. 25, 2017.John Cornyn withdrew from consideration to be the next FBI director on Tuesday, saying the “best way I can serve is continuing to fight for a conservative agenda in the U.S. Senate.”  “Now more than ever the country needs a well-credentialed, independent FBI director,” he said in a statement. “I’ve informed the administration that I’m committed to helping them find such an individual.”last_img read more

first_imgTheatre veteran, actor and director Nadira Zaheer Babbar hits the capital stage with her entourage to recreate the era of 1950s. Actor Anup Soni and Juhi Babbar Soni would play the leading roles in the three plays set for the Capital’s stage from 18 to 20 July at Shri Ram Centre. Delve in the charms of 50s with these three plays, namely, Salaam 1950s ke naam, Begum Jaan and Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan. Written and directed by Nadira Babbar, Salaam.. 1950s ke naam Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’ will be staged on 18 July, to portrays Nadira’s undying love and immense admiration for the cinema of 1950s. Interlaced with ingredients such as   star-crossed lovers, revengeful thakurs and kabeelawalas (tribesmen), love triangles, family ties, sacrifice, shrewd and conniving villains and vamps, friends with hearts of gold, loyal munims, comedian’s love tracks, long-lost over dues and lovers separated by fate, dramatic reversals in love and convenient coincidences, this play  is a new tribute to the golden era of 1950s. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixBegum Jaan, set for 19 July, is the story of a legendary classical singer of yesteryears. The play revolves around the interpersonal relationship amongst the three characters: the extremely witty old lady Begum Jaan, her grand daughter Zarina and Sanjay Pande, a journalist who comes into their lives.The play is a reflection of the changing face of India, from pre-independence days to its current state, through Begum Jaan’s narration of various events in her life. The last play in the series, Yeh hai Mumbai Meri Jaan will be staged on 20 July. It elaborates on the whimsical life in the tinsel town where every day hordes of people come flocking to the city achieve their dreams in life. Head over and witness the on-stage revival of 1950s.last_img read more

first_imgJanuary 10, 2012 The Nest Learning Thermostat Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now LAS VEGAS — Every year at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), gadgets make headlines by getting thinner, faster and more powerful than previous models. But more important for small businesses are ones that can save money and energy.Direct from the floor of the annual electronics extravaganza, here’s a look at five new devices that can help you save the planet as well as your bottom line. The SolarKindle Lighted Cover 4. A smart way to manage power: Part USB hub, part power strip, part surge protector, the GE Green Mobile Power Station is masterful at managing power to a range of devices, from computers and monitors, to peripherals and desk lamps.Using a lithium-ion battery to bolster charges, the mobile power station manages power to charging devices, and shuts off sockets after gadgets are juiced up. And even though the $119 device is energy efficient, it’s still powerful enough to run printers, faxes, and servers. 2. Charging devices, not wasting electricity: When juicing up a portable device, typical wall-chargers continue to draw electrical current, even after the gadget’s battery is full. The Bracketron Stone GreenZERO Charger automatically shuts off after the device is powered up, saving money on your energy bill.Since most USB chargers cost around $25 anyway, (this one rings in at $24.95) getting one that powers your portables more inexpensively is a bonus. 1. An LED light bulb that won’t break the bank: LEDs have been the brightest hope in re-inventing the light bulb, but high prices have made them a costly option — especially to outfit an entire office. Satellite Beach, Fla.-based Lighting Science Group is looking to change that with their 60-watt World Bulb that saves you money twice.First, at a suggested retail price below $15, it might be the most inexpensive bulb of its kind to date. Second, it uses 85 percent less electricity than a standard bulb. And since Lighting Science Group says the World Bulb is projected to last 17 years, it might be a worthwhile long-term investment. min read 3. Cool off your electric bill: The Nest Learning Thermostat is more than a sleek-looking and functional replacement for your old-school thermostat. After the first week of use, this thermostat sets a schedule based on your preferences.For instance, auto-away features allow it to drop the temperature when no one is in the office. The thermostat can also connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, allowing you to set the temperature no matter where you are. With heating costs soaring into the thousands per year, this is one $250 upgrade that may pay off quickly.Related: CES 2012: A Preview for Small Business The Bracketron Stone GreenZERO Charger The 60-watt World Bulb LED from Lighting Science Group Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5. Cutting the cord on Kindle charging: The SolarKindle Lighted Cover is a clever cover for the Amazon Kindle that not only charges the reader using solar power, but also illuminates the device with an LED light. At $79, it charges in eight hours of direct sunlight and provides backup power to the Kindle. And because you’re using solar power to keep your Kindle charged, you can focus on keeping your company’s books current, not whether your e-reader needs more electrical current. The GE Green Mobile Power Station This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Freelast_img read more