page: the home page and channel page, page etc..

in fact, many companies are the same, in bad information in this article the author at a loss what to do, the Shanghai dragon Er perspective, do a simple description of the snapshot processing inappropriate, please forgive me.

complaint, also don’t single, general engine will provide a snapshot of the entrance to report, both the probability of a lot, more than half of general probability.

this way, there may be restored, the general status code from 500+ to 200, snapshot may again. Recovery snapshot, show the amount is also affected, so it is still feasible. read more

many new brands, in order to reduce costs, have adopted the "soft" way to improve visibility, and even some very famous brand "to join in the fun", like HP had published on the network soft text. The spread of online information quickly, if not propaganda famous brand at least can mix a familiar "".

, if you decided to engage in soft Wen writers, began to undertake some tasks on the web site, so you began to write soft text. But if your first essay fails, forget it. Second failed, or forget it. If so, one after another failure, it makes people very discouraged, and hard writing articles nobody cares. Someone might ask, "how unfortunate is that?" I want to tell you it’s true. For example, if one task has only one quota, suppose there are ten people read more

The characteristics of four kinds of

4, picture ", contains a variety of pictures

6, the video website, mainly watch online video resources such as

page usually contains so many parts: head, body, foot, the website website website head, body, tail, general search engine is the main part of key quality evaluation of web page included, of course, in addition to the main content of the main part may also contain the recommended content, sharing, enhance the Internet experience, the sticky part of ascension general site; head is different, is a summary of the entire page outline; the website is generally fixed, of course, some of the large web directory page also changes the tail, according to the website needs to design. read more

Author: work clothes wholesale starting A5 for reprint please keep the link address 贵族宝贝ulifu贵族宝贝 on the sharing of love.

              through this code we can see where the code is written here would mean that the web page links are blocked, and I also do the site Links is completely useless for me. In fact, do stand really is the person to blame, negligence, everyone is engaged in this industry, take this way and others to exchange links, will be found sooner or later, but this way and others to exchange links, for a long time, you in this circle is also very difficult to mix. I advise everyone in the exchange links must take their own "heart" to exchange with others, for such links is the most excellent quality, the longest, the most stable.Now a lot of read more

love Shanghai to provide such a platform, is to let the user can directly through the love of Shanghai given platform, buy the right goods, is starting to user experience. So if your web site on a category of product number, can give users more choice, love Shanghai nature will make your site get better position display, ranking will be closer to the top. Figure

of course, we can improve the quantity of the goods by some small skills. In the example above, the user is displayed when the word "glasses" search results, but if your web site has "glasses box, glasses cloth, glasses containing these 2 words are also can be in one, this will not be artificial audit intervention. read more

can be said that this is a key decision to make money and how much money the bidding. This involves the conversion, key delivery, creative optimization, ranking optimization and so on more complex links,

) The !

today advertising circles as we analyze several points, I hope we can get some inspiration from:

2, copy the product page and order bidding system.

official website advertising circle inside a lot about bidding course and actual share articles, recommended we can learn to understand and grasp the optimization, account > read more

, on a topic that said it is a reason, in fact, I am a love in Google, but they cannot do without love Shanghai, because we need it to survive, this is life, life can abandon you, but you cannot do without life. If there is no life, how will you? As the theme of the general if there is no love in Shanghai, we can rely on the Google

wrote here, I think there is no love in Shanghai, we can still use Google live, love Shanghai that he does not love you, there is no vision, love Hairuo love you, it can prove that he too much bother, or we are not good for Google, who has an eccentric, love a great love, ah the sea, inclusive of our mind, these little minions, we deeply touched, but Google is far from us, separated the pain, you know? I just want to love Shanghai to describe in one sentence, that is: Chinese people ten million, it is not my change. read more

structure of a website is very important, it can directly affect the user for our first impression, so you need to stand in the user’s point of view and some habits to design in our website structure design, and do website optimization of internal science, such as how to design, how to design the column page what is the chain of home, we do not need, we can optimize the nofollow shielding and so on some of the details of the above. In our opinion these many not worth mentioning, but for the work of search engine spider friendly is vital, but in the process of our design, we also need to pay attention to the user click behavior, because now the search engine ranking algorithm also includes the effects of PV value and residence time, so the user experience the work is an important work for the website ranking effect. read more

web site operators are now no rival extremely rare, but also can encounter, this is the case, there are two cases, one is the industry has been done, but ultimately ended in failure, eventually no one appeared on the stage, this is another situation. The field itself has not done, but the probability of this situation is very low


do a lot of optimization Shanghai Longfeng staff often have a fearless spirit, always feel that they can conquer any competitors, this idea is completely mistaken, to know that in the Internet world, follow the law of Matthew law, who is better, often will be better, but will be worse the face thoroughly eliminated, so when your industry encountered strong competitors, the best way is to find these competitors easily neglected, rather than from the front and facing them read more

third, Shanghai dragon Er to have a pair of eyes to find. The development of the Internet, many popular events in any industry customers the most concern, so as a Shanghai dragon Er to have a pair of eyes to find, in the articles for example, the recent emergence of Internet survey report, how do you see? What do you think? Can be our topic of discussion and argument. This article tends to focus with the present, and the opinions and comments published in many times can become the industry predict, such as before leaving 3Q, 3B raise a Babel of criticism of the war, the balance of treasure Internet hot events and so are worthy of our attention, you have to do is how to dig behind these hot news information, with a new view and share out, put your thinking collisions on this issue opinions and readers, this is a very attractive. read more

The construction of a chain of !

two: analysis of the other site "special" Friends of the chain, the chain to do high level


mentioned here refers to the same index: 1, included quite; 2, 3, a snapshot update PR. In order to find and their site index of the website, we can go to the friends of the chain platform, the index is clear at a glance, when we find such a website, we went to see his friend chain site to do a chain, the truth I do not have to say, because most of the same level is to achieve a friend chain cooperation. Who would be willing to use their own web sites to high weight and low weight site do friends chain. Do you have a job, it is fast and efficient, saving more time webmaster. read more

, quality is higher than the number of

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external links is the search engine one of the standards for the weight of your site, external links resources can help you easily improve the search engine’s weight, so that your site included, get better effect ranking. For a personal website, rich original article is difficult, then the chain has become more critical factor. Therefore, the importance of the construction of the chain cannot be overemphasized. But in the construction of external links, need to follow the following principles, can play a multiplier effect, otherwise it may be ineffective or even counterproductive. read more

1, 88% people read the comments to determine the quality of local business (2013 the proportion is 85%


BrightLocal report shows that 88% of people will trust online reviews and make choices and decisions based on comments.


from the top view, comments, and more the good reputation of the site, regardless of the site within the ranking or love Shanghai rankings, is very intuitive to show it, which is why the website will need to comment on this thing, from the user’s point of view, it can be a better understanding of this product, and determine whether it is worth buying, and search engine from the point of view, the more comments, the more attention it is, to judge whether it is valuable, so in the rankings will be on. read more

a lot of clothing manufacturers to choose an important reason Shanghai Longfeng optimization of this type of marketing is to save money. For small businesses, the traditional marketing methods need a lot of support costs, and search engine optimization cost is very low, even can be neglected, and the economic benefit is obvious to people marketing practices. Therefore, selection of search engine optimization, in fact, is to choose the highest return on marketing, especially suitable for small and medium enterprises to carry out the operation. Of course, in order to make the network marketing model more efficient, enterprises pay more attention to the choice of keywords suggestion. read more

China Shanghai dragon industry is not standardized, no more formal and authoritative Shanghai dragon training institutions, of course the author not to deny the great Shanghai dragon training site, such as good training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng why can be called on, but most of all the personal name of Shanghai dragon training institutions. Shanghai Longfeng workers title is the industry or company to the ability of simple division. There is no Shanghai Longfeng the relevant certificate certificate, at least I do not know what the "Shanghai dragon Engineer". read more

five, the website and case analysis:

website through data analysis to determine the types of key column layout is done, is the site of the promotion, so simple marketing commonly used simple I will give you a simple see mentioned, as well as the core content will give you best share, you cannot hold good ha, and it will become a promotion a marketing ring structure, forming a closed loop system, make contacts, resources, traffic Everfount arrival, please look forward to.

Two, build

six, website traffic: read more

(1) analysis of general data: general data analysis here we included the number, including the number of the chain, the common site traffic and so on, these surface data on our rankings are directly linked, through the number included the number and the chain analysis, we can improve our website content and release the chain the strategy, make work more efficient.

requirements: to become a sensitive data of Shanghai dragon er

(2) analysis of the details of the data: the details of data analysis including single page flow, the click rate, page access speed etc.. The details of data analysis, the more we need to pay attention, although it may not be a direct impact on our website ranking, but these potential data often can make you more accurate analysis to the website of the change of their work and the place needs to be improved. For example, the click rate, then we can’t publish an article is ignored, we should all go to check the daily click rate, click rate, found the article page out rate is low, generally indicates that the user love like this, so that we can go to edit this article, attract more users. read more

The ?

the original source: paint fast repair (>

we can understand why love Shanghai related domain number increased, while ranking did not go up, perhaps it is because when we add the chain, most of them are some of the chain is invalid.

chain and love Shanghai related domain is a relation of inclusion, the chain contains love Shanghai related domain, those related domain truly effective chain is the webmaster need, only truly effective chain can improve the site’s ranking, the chain of effective means when a mouse click the link can jump to another page. If we love Shanghai related domain caused the increase in the number of website rankings, so it is safe to say that these related fields include most of the chain effectively, the chain increased effective data. read more

2. web content optimization: a website can pre spend very smooth, get special weight, this is a very important point. A new website on the Internet, have no advantage, such as the weight, link to vote, even if there is no age, content to get users to click on the content, so no weight, how to go with some basic weight, do so for a long time the website competition here. First of all we have submitted to the search engine website, let him go to grab web content which included here is related to a simple code optimization, also it can identify do not recognize text recognition, do, try not to let the spider can’t identify content on the web site, then it’s just a grab the content of the website? Not, want to get the most basic weight, he must be very smooth crawl all pages of a turn, then we need to program what? To make him a good turn, need: path within the chain, map, robots.txt. read more

Mobile: 2 million 370 thousand proportion: 51.2%


, along with the popularization of intelligent mobile phone, tablet and smart TV, more and more girls watching TV with mobile

When the

in 2012, a hit TV series about 260 thousand top search traffic, mobile platform accounted for only 7.7%

!Then the mobile terminal account for how much?

index from February 28, 2014: 4 million 630 thousand!

The key to

this costume dramas in the 2013 top ten Chinese opera sixth

32014 years of drama from the stars you: read more